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Tips for a successful working holiday
  • Lee hun, reporter
  • 승인 2017.06.08 23:18
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The most important thing about a working holiday is setting a definite purpose.

A working holiday through which you can naturally have a conversation with native speakers, have a local job and earn enough to pay school expenses is one of the excellent ways to enjoy your college life. But a working holiday is a 90% waste of time if you’re unprepared. Today we’ll listen to seniors’ vivid stories of their experiences.

Raehoon Kuk (Dept. of English Language & Literature) : I want to tell you about four things. First, don’t be greedy when you’re planning for working holidays. You should clutch one thing, whether it’s to improve English, tour, or earn money. If you focus on money, you can earn about 50 million won in a year, and if you focus on learning English, it should improve enough so that you can have smooth communication. You need a lot of money for touring and I think it’s not too late to visit on a honeymoon or family trip in the future. Secondly, it’s good to learn about basic technology before going, even if it’s not at a professional level. If financial issues aren’t solved smoothly, you can’t do anything properly. For example, if you acquire skills for assisting in tiling, painting, or making sushi, you’ll get much better pay, and you can continuously work with a native in any city. Thirdly, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Never do what’s legally or conventionally discouraged in that country. Since the working processing isn’t done with lightning speed when an event breaks out, one small problem might eat up the whole short working holiday life. Fourthly, don’t plan to study grammar, sitting in a desk. Grammar should’ve been already memorized in Korea, and when you actually go to that country, you should practice English a lot. Methods to practice English include going to church, living in a village not surrounded by other Koreans, and dating locals. You should expose yourself among native speakers as much as possible. I would like to emphasize the most, that the financial part is the core. Since that’s also a place where people live, you’ll feel worried without money, and you’ll be unable to have reasonable opportunities if you’re badly off for money. So I’m sure you should take as much money as possible or learn basic skills so that you can have a stable life and have a fruitful working holiday life. If you pass your 1 year working holiday life idly, it’s ultimately losing 2 years, not 1 year. You could’ve done more beneficial things if you stayed in Korea instead of going on a working holiday unprepared.

Sangjun Kim (Dept. of Advanced Materials Engineering) : In case of Australia, you can search for jobs or share rooms with Koreans on a website called Hojunara. But I would recommend searching in Australian websites because many Koreans might be deceptive. There are many jobs. The spectrum itself is very wide. Starting from serving, cleaning, meat processing, and kitchen hand to Korean stores, hotels, and restaurants, there are many places to go. You should try your best to do the legwork because many stores attach leaflets in front of the store rather than on online. I think the biggest difficulty during the working holiday will be loneliness. You’ll become homesick even if you make local friends. It’s important to recall your goals at that moment. It’s important to focus on one thing when going, whether it’s money, English, or experience. But I recommend you acquire basic English skills before leaving because without it, it’s easy to suffer through hardship and fail in earning money. I, too, stayed at a Philippine language institute for 2 months before leaving for Australia because I wasn’t good at English. A successful working holiday isn’t that difficult.

Lee hun, reporter  20160189@changwon.ac.kr

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