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After total of 13 accusations, former president Park’s fate is...?
  • Choi Ga-Yun cub-reporter
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Since the beginning of the constitutional government, for the first time former President Park was expelled by the Constitutional Court on the 10th and she attended the prosecutor’s office as a suspect on the 21st at 9:25 am. Contrary to the expectation that she would deliver a message to the nation to resolve the national schism, she left only two sentences, “I feel sorry for the nation, I will conduct honestly in the investigation,” and she entered straight into the Prosecutor’s office.

Current, former president Park has 13 charges, so it will take several years to reach the Supreme Court final ruling. In the 13 charges, there are three main types of crimes that are bribery, misconduct interference with the exercise of a right or coercion and official offense of secret divulgence. Among the suspicions, the biggest issue is the Mire·K sports foundation related to the bribery charges and misconduct. It is about taking bribes from Samsung Electronics and receiving Mire·K sports foundation’s contribution. On the same act, the prosecution applied misconduct and the special prosecution applied bribery charges. They are planning to investigate the two charges together.

Former president Park sides claim that they didn’t receive a request to help corporate succession and 433 hundred million won from Samsung is without the expectation of some reciprocity. Meanwhile, prosecutors have An Jong-Beom, former Blue House policy tuning chief’s business notebook, which has former President Park’s exact orders, cell phone text messages which were exchanged with Samsung executive and statements etc. With this, they will prove her suspicions. Also they will use a Ministry of Health and Welfare official’s statement, “I researched Samsung C&T Corporation and Cheil Industries Inc’s combining by the Blue House’s direction.” Furthermore, former President Park denied any Blacklist suspicion, participation of personnel management suspicion and official offense of secret divulgence and she claims, “I never directed it, nor did I know about it.” Meanwhile, prosecution is full of confidence because they have Kim Ki-Chun, former Blue House Chief Secretary, Jo Yoon-Sun, former minister of culture-sports and Jung Ho-Sung, vice-secretary’s statements and evidence.

The nation’s reaction to the trial of former President Park is divided into two. First, people of positive response said, “Korea is a democratic nation. So the nation’s sovereignty is paramount and all people are equal in front of the law. We hope that there is severe punishment to former President Park,” and “the prosecution has to show that ‘any power can’t stand above the law’ through Park’s arrest investigation.” They also said, “Using personal power to accumulate personal property is a deserving punishment act.” Next, people of negative response said, “Park only helped increasing Choi’s fortune, she did not accumulate her own personal property. Park did not have direct financial profit,” and “Park did not commit a serious sin, she doesn’t need a trial.” They also said, “Park’s power behind commits a sin, Park didn’t know that.” Like this, the nation’s reaction is divided into two, so they are paying attention to how the trial will proceed.

Former President Park attended the prosecutor’s office as a suspect

Choi Ga-Yun cub-reporter  rkxnsl@naver.com

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