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The 5th multicultural festival ended successfully
  • By Seo Su-jin, editor-in-chief
  • 승인 2016.11.16 14:01
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All students and staffs who participated in the event

On Friday, November 11th, the 5th multicultural festival was held at the university gym from 1 to 6pm. It was named ‘A mini Olympics which makes Korean and foreign students harmonize well.’ CWNU’s DAIN organization, the International Exchange Center and Multicultural Promotion Center hosted. The purpose of this event was to provide students who belong to the DAIN organization, such as Department of Law, Sociology, and International Relations, with a chance to cooperate together.

Unlike the previous multicultural festival which was all about seminar and presentation, this event focused on the communication between students in-person. Therefore, it included the games that represent Korea such as a pepero game, tug-of-war, kkorijabki, and kima game which provided fun and increased an understanding about Korea.

About 180 students attended the festival. 28 were from the Department of International Relations and Sociology, 21 were from the Department of Law, and about 100 foreign students participated. Since foreign students took a big part in this event, it was translated in real time into 3 languages, Chinese, English, and Vietnamese.

Won Jun-hyuk majoring in the Department of International Relations from the 1st place team said, “I have learned the law, policies, and politics about foreign people living in Korea but haven’t socialized with them, so I was pretty worried about it. However, it was definitely a good chance to communicate with them by playing exciting games. I also think that the reason why we got 1st place is our teamwork was still greater than others. It also means that now we are close. I exchanged contact with foreign friends. I would keep in touch with them and I want to help them whenever they are in trouble living in Korea.”

Foreign students are close but somehow far from us. Now we are making a meaningful step to be closer with them. It seems to be expected that not only the students from the Department of Law, Sociology, and International Relations, but also all students at CWNU will be closer in the foreseeable future.

By Seo Su-jin, editor-in-chief  cg0314@naver.com

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