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Testimony of Korean-Japanese laborer who experienced international solidarity
  • Lee Yun-kyeong, cub reporter
  • 승인 2016.11.08 17:45
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On Tuesday, Oct. 25th. 2016 from 1:00-6:00 pm, a special lecture was held at NH Liberal Arts Hall for ‘Development of Nongovernment International exchange and cooperation : Testimony of Korean-Japanese laborer experiencing international solidarity’. There were sincere and touching stories of Mr. Nakamura Takeshi. We met the MC, Professor Moon Gyeong-hee, International Relations.

Q. This lecture is so useful. Why did you hold this special lecture?

A. Professor Sim Sang-wan (Dept. of Sociology) and O Sang-ho (Dept. of Law) are doing a project on labor. When they left on a business trip to Japan for a specialist conversation, they were recommend about Mr. Nakamura Takeshi. His career was so interesting, they asked Mr. Nakamura to give a lecture in CWNU, if he ever came to Korea. Da-IN group supported this lecture because we think it is valuable to students.

Q. Who is Nakamura Takeshi?

A. Mr. Nakamura Takeshi was part of a Japanese labor movement around Kobe. In 1991, there was a factory of a Japanese company, Asiaswani, in North Jeolla province. But the factory withdrew because of restructuring, so production workers were fired. They appealed to the Korean government, but it was useless. Production workers went to Japan for formed solidarity with Japanese workers. At this moment, Mr. Nakamura was a big help. He knew his way around Japan and how to fight. After this event, he thought there were close connections between Korea and Japan, so he has maintained relations with the Japan–Korea Labor International Solidarity for about 26 years.

Q. What is the point of this lecture?

A. He said he wants a society that has comradeship and solicitude. He learned about that during the Korean Labor Movement. From the Japanese point of view, the Korean Labor Movement is so ongoing. For example, Korean workers are low on preparation and discussion but fellowship with colleagues is so impressive. And in Japan, identity of labor is an embarrassment, but Korea labor in the 1990s cried out, “I am lobar”. It is also touching. He wants to make a society without labor discrimination by exchanging each country of strength through international solidarity.

Q. Attending this lecture, I feel skeptical about capitalism. What do you think?

A. It is not an overthrow of capitalism. He mentioned about the necessity of modifying capitalism. Early capitalism said ethical emotion is important, but now ethical emotion is excluded, growth theory is deepening. Working is human nature. By working, people look for social purpose. That people only like to play is an illusion of capitalists. So, developing technology without consideration of people is very dangerous. When paradigms are changing, labor should not be left out. It should be fought to the end. Mr. Nakamura said laborers have no choice but to fight for settlement of the paradigm.

Q. What is your view on this lecture?

A. When I heard the truthful story, I feel touched. In my mind, truth is the person who has belief in values, practices them in life and says humble things. I heard truth in Nakamura’s lecture. I think he deserves respect. How many chances in my life can I meet this kind of man? I’m so happy.

Q. What do you think about students’ low participation rate?

A. I hope that students participate actively. I want our university to be a scholastic community. The essence of a lot of business in CWNU is studying. The most important thing in a scholastic community is knowledge production and spreading knowledge discussion. The core of development is special lectures and seminars. Lectures and seminars are so valuable. Students participate in these and recognize they are the main agent of a scholastic community. I’m so sad.

Lee Yun-kyeong, cub reporter  poik9874@naver.com

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