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Art Corporation ‘Culture Doorae Achuguni’
  • By Lee Hun,cub reporter
  • 승인 2016.11.01 12:54
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‘Culture Doorae Achuguni’ is an art corporation located near Bonglim mountain, a famous mountain in Changwon. The corporation has been there for 9 years and has cultivated local culture through enthusiastic performances. This organization consists of 10 years, and most of them are people from Sarim-dong, Uichang-gu. These people succeed and develop traditional culture in the region. Today we are going to meet Mr. Son, a representative of ‘Culture Doorae Achuguni’.

Q : Nice to meet you. Please introduce yourself briefly.

SON : Hello, I’m Son Dong Hyun. I started school in Changwon University in 1989 as a student in the Department of Business Administration. I also exercised in ’Play Association (or Guek Hwe)’ in its 11th season. It’s my honor to work as a representative of ‘Culture Doorae Achuguni’ currently.

Q : What is the meaning of ‘Culture Doorae ACHUGUNI’?

SON : I will briefly introduce ‘Culture Doorae ACHUGUNI’ to you. The name of our corporation is from Doorae, a cooperative organization of ancestors. In today’s Culture & Art field, an art corporation finds it very hard to manage an independent organization by itself. So I wanted to found a single big cooperating art group making a synergy effect based on competence of individuals. About the name ‘Achuguni’, we tried to imply the following meaning: there are some necessities to maintain any object or organization. One example is in our traditional utensils. The millstone, which consists of two round stones, is one of our living wares to grind grain. To use a millstone, we vitally need a handle for it. The handle of a millstone is called ‘Achuguni’, a purely Korean word. We used this name to imply that we want to be with ‘something’ important in our life. We named it, considering thoroughly for 3 years. By using the name, we wanted to be together rather than acting separately. We thought about the name for a long time, but it seemed to be the best one.

Q : It seems that I am watching the life of a true artist. So can you tell me what does ‘Culture Doorae Achuguni’ currently do?

SON : Our main business planning and production of traditional Yeonhui geuk and Original Madan geuk. We are also working on the branding of Ogwangdae, an intangible cultural asset in Changwon. Those are not all. We are currently working on the following programs: instructing Punmul, instructing a play, managing Talnori trial program in elementary schools, presenting organization innovation programs in groups and companies, organizing daily artistic groups, managing clubs, and reconstructing and educating commemorative rites for ancestors of various regions. Through these programs, we contribute to popularization of traditional art culture and let art penetrate into our daily life.

Q : I really hope that Achuguni acts as a leading role in popularizing traditional culture. Can you tell me your future plan?

SON : I want to produce a Madan geuk which would be played for centuries. I am currently planning a series. The first one is Bab bang, the second one is Mom bang, and the last one is Sul bang. Through Bab bang, I want to draw concern of fast food and lighten the value of healthy food. I want to introduce a meridian system in Mom bang, and bring back traditional, currently forgotten about alcohol through Sul bang. A distinguishing feature of this Madan geuk series is that it is performed only by one person, so it can be played whenever, wherever if I want. Previous Madan geuks were held by more than 10 people, so it was very hard to adjust schedules to perform them. But if we play them individually, then it would not be hard to even play throughout the country. Another special feature is participation and experience-oriented Madan geuk. For example, in Bab bang I make food without moving my fingertips. I, playing as leading role in Bab bang, can’t cook because I was punished by the Great Jade Emperor. To end this sanction, I should taste 1,000 times, slow food and complete the last dish with the audience. I expect about 30 years to complete this series of plays. I hope it goes well and people will remember the name of our corporation, ‘Achuguni’ in the future.

Son dong Hyun experiences true happiness when he plays Madan geuk.

By Lee Hun,cub reporter  pjh327s@naver.com

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