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2015 CWNU FestivalSuccessful but some problmes which should be improved
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Professor’s opinions on festival

The ‘Changdaehan’ festival is a special annual event that students wait for for a long time and look forward to. However, what do professors who are part of the university think about this event? The Campus Journal visited some of them and listened to their opinions.

There is a special feature about this festival. Afternoon classes are cancelled during the festival. It was conducted for the first time this year by the CWNU student council ‘LEVEL UP’. About this, professors said, “It is good for students to enjoy the festival without the burden of class. However, there is no need to cancel if not all the students have to attend.”

And they reminisced about the festival of the past that the mainstream was students preparing for academic seminars autonomously. On the other hand, they felt the deepest regrets at present, pointing out that the main thing is entertainment and only some students participate. They said to pursue communities, intelligence of all the members in school is a natural form of the festival and we need it.

Furthermore, they recommended to discover talented singers-to-be on campus, rather than always bringing in famous singers. For that, students should create a sound culture.

Lastly, they said much was to be desired that students are absent from classes because of hangovers and exhaustion.

Professors had negative opinions contrary to students. However, we can overcome their eyes if we try to improve problems and all members enjoy together. Isn’t it the true meaning of a festival when everyone harmonizes together? Be a ‘Changdaehan’ festival every year for this harmony!

By Kim Eun-hwa, cub-reporter

Problems about the festival

At every festival where people have a right to enjoy, there are some people suffering inevitable damage because of several problems. As usual, the festival of this year brought about problems with trash and noise. But apart from these stubborn issues, there are other problems we need to make better.

The biggest problem is about parking. The free parking lot near the front gate of the school is used as a place for temporary bars at the school festival, so it is closed during the festival. Therefore, there aren't proper places to park cars. There are many cars parked on the road near our school during the festival because of this. In the evening, especially that many people come out of the companies, the roadways are crowded by cars that cause traffic jams, which increase the danger of car accidents. For this reason, the inhabitants who live near the school feel uncomfortable. The residents even avoid going out in the evening. Thus, we need solutions for the parking lot during the festival.

The next is that the festival, 'Daedongje' is losing its meaning. 'Daedongje' means 'festival that we are all becoming one' which began in the 1970s and 1980s when the pro-democracy movement was powerful. It was for that reason that all the students should unite and resist the reality. Therefore, the festival had an emphasis on the identity of the university and populace. But now commercialized bar events and celebrity invitations made the meaning of ‘Daedongje’ steadily decline. Especially, we can see drunken students late at night and confirm that the festival turned into entertainment. It would be the best not to lose the meaning of ‘Daedongje’ and the variety of events. For example we can keep the meaning of the festival through campaigns and events that address the problems of reality.

By Seo Su-jin, editor-in-chief

Feast of a diversified program, Bongrimdaedongjae

First, on the 29th (Thursday) a program called ‘bubble suit touchdown’ was held in the gym. It is a program which sorts out a fast team for measuring the attack success time. The attack is counted when the player puts out a plastic bottle on the line. It has emotional dispute or wrestling, but it finished with no wounded students and harmonious cooperation. Song Ji-Won (Civil Environmental Chemical Fusion, 21) who won the bubble suit touchdown program said, “the bubble suit is an unusual thing, so it was novel. And it was very interesting. I was excited because I can throw down a big person with skill or know-how and don’t need power. When I recall the festival, I can remember only alcoholic drinks. But for participate in the program, I had a good memory. It will be better if I defend the champion title game.” He felt thankful to the host about the pleasant memory and confidence about the new challenger.

On the 30th (Friday), the program ‘food fighter’ was held in bongrimgwan. The game’s method is this, teams of three men and two women pick each stage to draw from. They whistle after swallowing each designated food (boiled egg, instant cup ramen, ice cream, 500ml water, and 300ml cola) The third team’s You Deok-Hwan (Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering, 24) who ate the designated foods in the shortest hour said, “I like this program first. It was fresh and interesting. I didn’t win alone, we won together, so it was nice, and we had good teamwork. It was a time that we had a close friendship.” And he can’t hide the sweetness of victory.

With this, three days in Bongrimdaedongjae ended in great success. For these diverse programs, students enjoyed the festival with more diversity. It was a good time to cement friendship between seniors and juniors or friendly relations.

By Choi Ga-yun, cub-reporter

Unique bar

The Changwon campus festival went from Wednesday, Sept 28th to Friday, Sept 30th. The three-day event amused people’s eyes and ears with various programs. We will introduce a popular pub.

First, The Department of History had a theme of a traditional pub and decorations with inspiration from the hit drama ‘Love in the Moonlight’. Actually, students in hanbok were serving and presenting makgeolli to guests by playing korean traditional game, ‘Tuho’ People said it was so fresh, the hanboks were beautiful, and that it was a good place to to drink makgeolli.

Also, The Department of Biohealth Science that attracted other people’s attention because of their retro theme had the pub called ‘reply 1997’ in order to celebrate their 19th anniversary. This pub felt like being back in the 70s or 80s. There was a surprise event, if visitors wore denim, they gave soju or other beverages.

In addition, the Department of Music sang songs for people and the Department of Japanese touted on the street with Yukata. The Control & Instrumentation Engineering made up a famous Japanese character to frighten people.

Like this, providing good memories with students’ various ideas and efforts is so awesome. I’m really looking forward to the next festival.

By Lee Yun-Kyeong, cub-reporter

By cub-reporters  cg0314@naver.com

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