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Samsae Industry, a Young Business Spreading Infinite Possibilities

Each year, employment of Korean college graduates is becoming more competitive. Most Korean young people prefer finding jobs in big companies. However, there are many excellent small and medium-sized businesses whose hands are joined with big enterprises. Samsae Industry is one of the enterprises. Let's find out about Samsae Industry.

About Samsae Industry

Samsae Industry was founded in May 1996 and is located at 1-1, Young-seon-dong 4-ga, Yeongdo-gu, Busan. Its main industry is to manufacture auto parts such as vehicle cables and antennas. Since 2000, Samsae Industry has provided auto parts to various affiliates in corporation with Hyundae Mobis, Deok-yang Industries Co. It is one of Samsae Industry‘s strong points. Namely, Samsae Industry has formed stability by working in cooperation with prominent automotive companies and sales figures of the company are steadily increased by 30~50% annually.

The aims of Samsae

The final goal of Samsae is to become an essential company in automobile enterprises. To achieve this goal, it is Samsae’s first task to develop new items such as vehicle wireless antennas for this modern wireless internet era and to open opportunities to develop.

Talents and qualifications required to being a Samsae employee

Samsae Industry wants employees who can accomplish their tasks with a strong will and sincerity. The employment procedures consist of a public announcement, a paper inspection and an interview. The most important qualification to be employed is a task accomplishment. It means how much ability will be shown in that field that an applicant applies for. So an applicant's task-related special ability and experience is more crucial to reveal his or her potential than any license like a perfect TOEIC score that everybody has acquired.

The working conditions for Samsae?

The new employees at Samsae will get paid annually 22 million won in the first year and some extra money on the piecework system every year. They will be promoted on the 2nd or 3rd year terms and receive an increase in their annual salary. Their benefits consist of the health center, daily sports lectures and free medical checkups in cooperation with the hospital every year. Samsae supplies the change of position and circulation work to give the growing chances in abilities and to experience in various work field for the employees.

The corporate philosophy of Samsae Industry

Samsae Industry’s corporate philosophy is “Justly, Cleanly, Correctly”.

Samsae always tries to keep distractions out of the working environment because they believe a clean environment is essential for quality improvement. Also, Samsae is a young industry on the aspect of enterprise culture as most of the workers are in their twenties and thirties, so they support a variety of social gatherings for the employees to develop close relationships with coworkers through well-intentioned competition.

Samsae Industry is a young business where young people dreaming about the future can expand their infinite possibilities and passion. Now Samsae Industry has founded 2 factories in China and will develop further. If you have any questions or need more information, contact Samsae Industry at 051-418-2996 or visit http://www.samsae.com.

(This content is written based on Ministry of Employment and Labor data with the consent of Samsae Industry.)

by Kim Yu-jeong, cub-reporter

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