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A Threatened Table

1. Enhanced Beef

Many people enjoy eating beef. There are grades to decide if the beef is good or bad quality. There are 5 grades: 1++, 1+, 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The price of 1++ beef is twice as much as 3rd graded beef. So the grade of the beef is important to people when they decide what to eat. Marbling in the beef does an important role to decide which beef is good. The marbling is fat pieces in the beef that helps the flavor of the beef. The better the marbling in the beef, the more expensive the beef is. For getting better marbling, the farms do their best, but, there are some unscrupulous people who make ‘Enhanced Beef’. ‘Enhanced Beef’ means the beef contains dirty and fake fat which has been injected into it. The unscrupulous people inject artificial additives and beef tallow to undressed beef. This enhanced beef is sold, not only, general restaurants but also five star hotels, upmarket restaurants and buffets. We can’t distinguish whether the beef we are eating is enhanced beef or the real 1++grade beef through sight.

2. Tripe, full of fat

Tripe is the innards of pigs or other animals as a dish. Lots of people like tripe because of its aromatic smell and chewy texture. As you know, people believe the source of its smell and taste is the middle white part of the tripe which is called ‘Gop’ in Korean. However, there is a secret in the white skin. Some people say it is ‘gop’ and some people say it is just fat. What is the truth? The truth is the latter. The middle part of the tripe consists of dirty fat. In the livestock product wholesale market, the secret is revealed. In the market, the tripe is filled up with fat and it is distributed to lots of restaurants. The fat in the tripe is saturated fat. Saturated fat is injurious to our health. It is clogs the human body and it causes dangerous illnesses such as high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia. People know nothing about it and they eat the tripe.

3. Kalbitang with no Kalbi

Do you feel like Kalbitang? I like it. Men and women of all ages, lots of people like Kalbitang. But, do you know that that there is no genuine kalbi in the kalbitang that you eat? Maybe many people will be shocked to discover the truth about kalbitang.

The ingredients of kalbitang are iced beef and meat broth which no-one knows when it was cooked and boiled. There are some restaurants that use other part of beef instead of using kalbi or they use fake kalbi which is made by sticking ground meat to bone. Even, some restaurants make the kalbitang by using the cooked kalbitang that people can buy easily in the supermarket. People don’t know what they eat, kalbi which is ground meat stuck to bone or kalbitang from the supermarket.

Of course not every restaurant engages in this dishonest behavior. However, because of several restaurants, the image of every restaurant can be spoiled and because of them, we have to doubt what we eat. From now on, we need to be more careful. The market follows the preference of the customers. For the dinner, what are you eating?

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