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Inspire Awareness About Copyright Policies

This year, the Disney animation “Frozen” was a big hit around the world. Characters and songs from the movie became extremely popular, especially the Frozen OST. However, the movie is being illegally downloaded due to an absence of awareness about copyright policy. The Walt Disney Company said posting, distributing or sharing the file online is illegal, and asked people to be aware. Many problems can arise due to an infringement of copyright policy. A copyright is the right to exclusive publication or sale of a work. A copyright holder can demand injunction against a person who infringes on copyright policy. A copyright holder also has the right to impose sanctions against violators.

The Internet not only provides lots of information, but is also a hotbed of copyright infringement, such as posting contents of a book on a homepage, or displaying pictures or images in a blog. Music downloads do the most damage. Napster of America and Soribada of Korea got convicted because of free music downloads. When a K-pop singer releases an album in Korea, their profit is low due to illegal downloading. However, they get up to 70% of record production costs abroad. Korean Singer K-will said, “I hope consumers understand the conception of copyright. It would greatly help the local music industry.” Singer Lee Hong-gi said, “My heart bleeds for hard working people when albums are reproduced and released illegally.” Producer Park Jin-young said, “Illegal downloading has created a crisis. I want governments to exercise strict control, but they are indifferent.”

The President of the Korea Image Association, Park Young-san, said, “Work sharing online is lost already.” He emphasized, “If this situation continues, nobody will invest money in new content. This causes tremendous losses. Therefore, we should protect the work environment.”

In 2005, the nation had strong feelings about copyright infringement, but it still exists. Moreover, like Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, there are no copyright laws. As a result, some countries have problems handling the problem. Consequently, all countries should protect copyrights. The Bern Treaty is one agreement.

Corporations use TV advertising campaigns or street campaigns to protect copyrights. But above all, people’s perceptions are the most important factor. Most people are aware of copyrights. However they are talkers, and not doers. Consumers have to inspire awareness.

by Jeong Eun-su ,reporter

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