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Six Kinds of Love
Do you have love? There are those that love, and those that do not. Love is defined as a passionate attraction to the charms of another. It is a psychological phenomenon that makes human beings feel and react. It is passion and dedication for other.
There is a different perspective from men and women about love. Men want Eros love and women want platonic love. However, there are various types of love besides Eros Love and Platonic Love.
Psychologist John Alan Lee divides love into six types. Passionate love (Eros), playful love (Ludus), friendship (Storge), possessive love (Mania), practical love (Pragma), and devotional love (Agape).
1. Passionate Love, Eros.
This love is a strong, emotional, physical and passionate love. People of this type fall in love at first sight. They are always ready to love and want emotional unity with others. They want stable love and like to express through touch.
2. Playful Love, Ludus.
This love is a kind of game, and an unwillingness to devote. People of this type modulate their feelings within a range that can be controlled. They love at a distance. They think that love is an opportunity to see many people, and is not important in life.
3. Friendship, Storge.
This love ripens to friendship over time. It doesn’t start as love at first sight. It is love that appears familiar. It is mature compared to the other types of love. It is continuous, not passionate. It can also be awkward to assert one’s love.
4. Possessive love, Mania.
This love combines passion and playfulness. There is extreme dependence and strong jealousy. People want the other completely to themselves. Because of this, there are many cases of anxiety and break-ups.

5. Practical love, Pragma.
Pragma love combines friendship and playful love. It is a practical and logical love. People follow the head rather than the heart. Practicality is important in a relationship. People calculate and evaluate the other’s qualifications consciously.
6. Devotional love, Agape.
Agape love is selfless. People sacrifice for the other unconditionally. People of this type feel a strong duty to give attention and take care others. They also believe that giving is true love. They don’t think of themselves as victims, or take advantage of others.
The love that individuals feel is different for everybody. Don’t reject others who differ from yourself. It is good to discover what type of love you bring to a relationship, and how you express it. I hope that you love, and are loved.

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