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New challenge with job club

The CWNU General Human Resource Development Center started a new job club business. We met Kim jung-hwan(Dept. of International Trade), the representative of the marketing job club named ‘Dodam Dodam’.

Q. What make you decide to be a representative of this job club?

Kim : When I took a leave of absence, I observed seniors and friends getting a job or trying to get a job. While looking back on it, I thought I attended school without any worries. Meanwhile, I saw a notice about job club in the school, and I applied. Of all our job club members, I am the oldest and I had lots of experience, and I was ready to do my best. So I decided to be a representative of the job club.

Q. Don’t you feel any heavy responsibilities being a representative of the job club?

Kim : I am little worried because I haven’t done any other club activities or extracurricular activities. However, if there are any trials and errors we have to undergo, our job club members will work together. So there is only a bit of burden left.

Q What is the upcoming plan about managing the job club?

Kim : In our job club, students have a variety of majors. So, we not only prepare to get a job or prepare for some company, but we also do various and extensive activities. We are going to do some activities without relation to the major like preparing for a foreign language exam, applying to contest exhibits, and attending a job fair. Also, through an aptitude and career test, members are going to make a plan for their career and direction of job.

Q Can you give any advice for juniors?

Kim : In university, qualifications and grades are important, and it’s nice to hang out with friends. However, there are lots of things that you can experience now like clubs or extracurricular activities. Don’t hesitate to do something. Just do it! If you fail, you can turn back half way. Then you can find something that you want.

Oh Yu-ju  msjwk9497@naver.com

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