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A 20 year-old is filled with dreams and hopes. Here, at CWNU, there is a college freshman who participated in a film festival. The following is an interview with Kwon Do-hee (Dept. of Journalism of Mass communication).

Q. I heard that you participated in the EBS International Documentary Festival on August 25-31, during the summer vacation. How did you know about the EBS International Documentary Festival and, what was the documentary’s theme?

Kwon: I came across the EIDF in a blog in the process of searching for a contest exhibit or international activity.

The documentary’s themes were fashion, architecture, my lives, surrounding people’s story, and war.

Q. What was your activity at the EIDF?

Kwon: The EIDF volunteer team is composed of an invitation team, promotion team, and event team.

I was in the event team. When directors talked about their films and communicated with audiences after the movie finished, I delivered a microphone from members of the audience to directors. I also gave directors’ autographs to the audience.

Q. How did you feel about working at the EDIF?

Kwon: Although Seoul was strange for me, it was a good chance to meet many people who were working in broadcasting. I was spurred on by the volunteers’ English skills and various experience. So I decided to study hard and participate in other events. I was impressed with the movie “Ariel”, made by Laura Bari from Arab Argentine. The story is about her brother whose body was injured by a machine. Like that, I want to make a movie about my life.

Q. What is your dream after working at the EIDF?

Kwon: I love doing various activities. I want to be an actress because acting with others seems like fun. Also, I will make an advertisement about this kind of event in order to inform university students.

Q. Is there anything that you want to finish with?

Kwon: The EBS International Documentary Festival is held every year, so please visit and enjoy. If you want to see its movies, you can watch them on the EBS channel during the film festival.

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