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Life is not about Speed, but direction

I interviewed Yun Bonghan (Dept. of Tax Management) who passed his CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and CTA (Certified Tax Accountant) tests, both notorious for being difficult.

Q. Congratulations. Why did you decide to be an accountant?

Yun: At first, I wanted a job that analyzes companies in the financial world, a fund manager or analyst, after returning to school in 2008. While a student, I just made up my mind to take the CPA test because if I became an accountant, I would have the skill to prepare a company’s financial statements.

Q. What was the hardest part while you were studying?

Yun: If I hadn’t passed the CTA, I would have been shaken mentally, with nothing guaranteed in my life. Studying steadily without faltering was the hardest part. Also, always sitting on a chair was considerably difficult.

Q. What kind of accountant or tax accountant would you like to be?

Yun: I don’t think being an accountant is my lifelong ambition. To do what I really want to do later, I just chose this job. So I’ve never thought about the question. What I want to be, however, is a person who acts on my own principle and not other’s.

Q. What are your future plans?

Yun: Successful candidates usually get a job and gain experience. However, I plan to spend more time on English education because I want to improve my English. Then I intend to work in a company, and challenge myself to do other things that I want, such as becoming a fund manager and analyst through expertise. I am also interested in charity and scholarship work.

Q. Would you leave a message for our readers?

Yun: I have a favorite wise saying, which is ‘Success means making the world more beautiful than it was before I was born.” I want readers to live their lives with clear goals, and find the meaning of life.

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