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The opportunity of Overseas Internship
Sang Jo Yoo (Dept. of Information&Communication Engineering,03) who will be doing overseas internship soon.

If you are a student, you would have been interested in internships at least once. Most internships are done in KOREA, but there are many good opportunities oversea. However, we don't often get a chance to know about international internships. We can get the information about overseas internship by interviewing a student Sang Jo Yoo (Dept. of Information&Communication Engineering,03) who will be doing overseas internship soon.

1. How do you go overseas internship?
I was interested in watching '2010 Trainee Exchange Program(TEP)' at the website 'hanium' run by The Federation of Korean Information Industries

2.Where is your work place and What is your compensation?
- The work place is Electria, Technopolis City of Vantaa. This company related to IT. I will get approximately 800 euros/month and I can rent house from 250 euros to 350 euros per calendar month. The price will be informed later on. And also round-trip air fare is supported by Ministry of Knowledge Economy

3. What is Eligibility?
Anyone is eligible for this program if one has the following requirements: First, a department of IT student who is in universities in Korea; second, a good communication in English; Third, the successful acquisitor to Finland VISA; Fourth, getting a recommendation of a academic adviser.

4. What did you need to prepare?
I needed a cover letter, profile, transcript, reference, English official score certificate in English and Korean.

5. What is a difference of Korea internship and overseas internship?
Korea internship is kind of simple work just like copying but overseas internship is different. when researchers are on vacation, we replace them and do their work.

6. What was your difference especially from others?
I was a member of club 'mobile X' , and this club is related to IT. So for that time I had thesis, graduation project etc everything can became my career in this time. In overseas, career is important! so I can get a better score in terms of career than others.

7. What do you recommend to students who want to go overseas internship?
The most important thing is that you should be an asset for companies and obviously have a plan about future then build your career in the long term from early college life. And you should have a good command of English. If these two conditions are met, you will get overseas internship.

Kim Gyeong-Ah  wing1128@changwon.ac.kr

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