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Player KimTae-Eun ranked No.1
Player KimTae-Eun is happy after winning a prize. His face shows strong determination to win in the next tournament.

At 2010 Gwangjyeowoo Asian game member of the national team pre-match, I met KimTae-Eun player who was ranked No.1. While interviewing Kim Tae-Eun. I felt his affection and passion for canoe.

1. How did you prepare for the game?
- More than all, I practiced very hard. According to schedule I was trained morning and afternoon for two and a half hours every day. And I was trained at night about two hours until 8:00pm.

2. What made you feel difficult?
- Eating is the most difficult because of poor support. when I was in training, being starved is unbearable. Although we have a school car, Changweon to Gimhae –water training ground took a long time everyday. That was difficult to deal with.

3. What is the next game of Activity Plan?
- I will go to the German World Cup Championship in which famous canoe players get together on May 18. When German World Cup Championship finish, I will go to the Hungary for the second canoe game and I prepared for the third Korea canoe game. Good luck to me!

4. What do you think about the canoe which is an unpopular sport?
- Over time, the field of leisure has been activated in Korea. Thus, the support and people’s view for canoe has become mush better than before. So do not get wrong that canoe isn’t popular.

5. When did you start Canoe?
- I have played canoe since I was 16 years old. At first time when I take part in a canoe game, I felt scared because of childish mind, but due to that experience, I can grow up.

6. What is your goal?
- I will competed not only Korea Canoe game but also World Canoe game. So I will accumulate experience. And I will be training hard with a sense of duty. I want to be the best Canoe player in the world.

7. When you feel that you feel that you win a medal?
- I could feel a little approached in my goals. At first, I thought my parents. If not coach and professor, I couldn’t win a medal. Thanks for Every one.

Kim Hye-Jin  Hyejin@changwon.ac.kr

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