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Intellectual Property Rights Education Program

Samsung and Apple’s patent war, and Yoo Byung-eun and his sons’ trademark rights did much to popularize intellectual property rights. Also, after it became public through the media that a patent attorney’s annual income is extremely high people’s interest in intellectual property rights is higher than ever.

Last November, the Smart Mechatronics Creative Manpower Training Business (SMC) advertised for students to take part in an intellectual property rights training program. Because students have an opportunity to participate in internships at a patent attorney's office, I applied to the training program without hesitation.

The program was divided into three classes. The first class was theoretical instruction. I learned about patent systems and the patent application process in detail, and the concept of intellectual property rights through lectures involving the field experience of patent agents.

Secondly, I practiced patent applications first hand. It was very difficult to meet specifications to apply for a patent, but I succeeded without great difficulty as patent agents helped students one on one. Through practice, I was able to learn about the precautions on applying for a patent, and learn how to document technologies strategically.

The third class was patent information search training. Before asking for a patent, it is necessary to grasp technology trends in related industries and research prior technologies. However, looking for patent information is difficult and requires much practice. In the class, patent agents passed on their know-how and practical skills.

I think this program was more substantial and satisfactory than any other program in school. It was very beneficial for an engineer like me. The practice gave me the courage and confidence to try applying for a patent. Through this program, I got useful information about patent attorneys, such as the test preparation process, duties, and required capabilities. I also utilized the patent information by getting information for my thesis and for job interviews.

I would definitely recommend this program to CWNU students, and hope they will be able to learn about intellectual property rights. I would say it is essential for engineering students.

Jeong Hwan-su  -

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