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Global star begins by English StudyI hope

by Yoon Seung-Joon
Dept. of Information & Communication

Hello, I’ll speak about globalization. Are you sure that you know well about Korea? It is very important to know about your own country for globalization. Globalization is the whole earth becoming one disregarding all different ideas. It has been growing with technology, transportation, communication, and internet. Just like everything else, globalization has both positives and negatives. Business activities are starting to be more and more global as many firms broaden their operations into overseas markets. But globalization also does raise certain realistic fears about some harms that it may bring.

As the 21st century’s globalization flourished, English has been acknowledge as a global language. As some country’s company is launching to another countries, we need common language, and that is English. This trend affected Korea as well as other countries, leading to discussion of whether to accept Enlish as a global language or not.

Nowdays, most of Korean learn English or the other languages. It is good preparation for globalization.

Unfortunately, high school graduates lacked the practical communication skills necessary to compete in an increasingly globalized world. English study is very important because today, the world is globalized. Therefore, most people pitch in effort to speak English well. It helps finding a job, too. People say that the world gives opportunities to the ones who are ready.

Whether you improve in speaking English or not is up to you. But to improve your English more effectively, you must use English in your daylife. The first step to communication is speaking and listening. If you chat in English and listen to it everyday, your English is sure to improve. Secondly, you must make English study club. You will be able to help each other. Also, You can make friends and have discussions in English. Finally, the most important, you must be confident. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. As a result, your English will be improved in no time.

Yoon Seung-Joon  -

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