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What Is Paragon’s Plunge?
Do you know about Paragon’s Plunge? This name indicates the phenomenon of people numb to immorality. In other words, it refers to people’s indifference to ethics. Despite people getting excited at the word "healing," some of them are suffering Paragon’s Plunge. According to Maslow's theory of human needs, healing is among the fundamental physical needs. And morality is at the top of the self-realization needs. So why do some people just want to enjoy the fundamental physical need, but not the self-realization need?
The phenomenon of Paragon's Plunge is rampant in our society. For examples, some people shamelessly get angry after a car accident caused through their own mistake. And some people think nothing of throwing away trash on the ground. They have no feelings of guilt about dishonor in ethics, and they regard this as natural. And this phenomenon, Paragon's plunge, is also occurring at CWNU.
Cheating is a common illustration. Of course, most CWNU students are honest and sincere, but some students still make cheat sheets before examinations. “A few days ago, I heard some stories about cheating on the bus,” said Baek Seung-gon (Dept. of Sociology). “Some students were talking about cheating, they said that they couldn’t get a high score if they did not cheat. So they said they had to make a cheat sheet before the exam, and making a cheat sheet is so hard because it is troublesome work. I was so embarrassed because they talked about cheating without shame.” We can still find cheaters in the classroom despite some campaigns aimed at rooting out the cheaters. And the most serious problem is the immorality of cheating. They don’t feel guilt and shame. CWNU and some hard-working students have experienced emotional distress during the examination period, and I hope CWNU students have a sense of alarm about cheating; it must not happen, so act sincerely! And how about students in the library? In CWNU library, there are a lot of posters about keeping silent. But during the examination period, the library became a noisy street scene like a market. You cannot imagine how noisy the library was. Some students gathered in small groups and talked with each other very loudly in the corridor, and some even fought despite the "silence" signs. And in the reading room, there was persistent noise, such as phone vibrations and alarms, whispering and telephone conversations. Students observe the Clicker, the seat reservation system, so they have the privilege of using the library as CWNU students. But some of them do not keep etiquette in the library, even the most basic rule of etiquette, keeping silence. And the next problem in the library is the smoking area. Actually, the library is a non-smoking area because it is a public place. But many students are smokers, so CWNU was considerate of them in making a smoking area. Some smokers, however, smoke at the non-smoking areas, and even throw the cigarette butts away and spit on the pavement. Because of them, other students are given displeasure and discomfort. And also the smoking area has become a dumping ground, so people are reticent about going through this area. Some other examples of Paragon’s Plunge are absence without leave, cutting in line, and so on.
I’m sure that people can easily keep these ethic rules, but I think they still lack awareness. They have to recognize right and wrong, so they develop their own internal morality and ethics.

Lim Se-jin  powersoft3@naver.com

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