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I had lunch with our former President George Bush yesterday. No, really. Most people would think that I was totally making that up. But it is a true fact ? I did in fact have lunch yesterday. Anyways George (these days we are on friendly, informal basis) has not been doing too great recently. He finds himself with a ton of time on his hands and nothing to do but lament.

Half the battle is just finding something interesting to do. There is only so much brush you can clear off your farm. At some point there is no more brush. And anyways I pretty much did all the brush-clearing I had to do while I was in office. Not only that, but I have recently emptied out the lake with all this fishing. There is not a thing swimming in the lake Ecept for all them mosquitoes.

To say that George is bored is an understatement. It begs the question: What do world leaders do after they stop being world leaders? There must be some social welfare system that takes care of the thousands of former leaders who find themselves dislocated and irrelevant.

The truly sad part of this whole affair is that his friends have stopped calling him. This phenomenon started showing itself even before he stepped down as President. You will probably recall the Republican Convention held to nominate John McCain as their Presidential candidate (in retrospect, an exercise in futility). I don’t know if you noticed this, but someone had forgotten to invite the then-President Bush to the party. How cruel can you get? Love his politics or hate them, that is simply cold. It’s almost like organizing a surprise party for a close friend, and choosing not to invite him.

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