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Ride bikes, if it' s near!I hope

by Kim Hye-Jin
Dept. of Economics

What do you do to keep in shape? Exercise is conducive to health. Most health experts agree that exercising for a minimum of thirty minutes, three times a week is essential to maintaining good mental and physical well-being. Why don’t we go for a bike ride? There°Øs plenty of room on the road for riders of all skill levels, including kids on bikes with training wheels. Riding a bike is being popular recently. The bicycl began as a toy for rich people. Then, it became a means transportation. Next, it became a toy again. Now, the bicycle is becoming popular as a mains?of transportation once more. The cost of gas for cars is one reason.

Another is the need to keep the air clean. In the 1960s and 2000s, the air pollution from cars made people worry. The energy situation got worse, but the popularity of the bicycle increased greatly. The second reason is a wish to exercise. People use bikes for leisure and exercising. They also ride bikes to go to school or to the workplace. The bike using is related to government. Residents are encouraged to walk or cycle to work, if at all possible.
In the recent bike riding advertising campaign, government is considering bikes of a key to reduce pollution. The government is planning to build 3,100km bike road covering 10 year in the whole nation. Bike- only lanes are also going to be built at the main road.

It’s said Korean nationals spend about 120 trees in their life. Papers, toilet papers, and books, etc. that are used in our daily life are made of wood.

In order to spare trees that change carbon dioxide to oxygen, we should have the habit of saving all things that are made of wood. We’d rather ride a bike or walk instead of driving a car.

It’s good for health and environment. Therefore, we should try our best to reduce carbon dioxide emission. The international bicycle race is held year after year. And all of us should use bicycles rather than automobiles.

Kim Hye-Ji  -

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