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Light come, light go
I have a great pressure of work these days. As I’ve become a senior, I have to the finish my schoolwork. Although it is very important for me to finish my studies well and get a good job, I want to accomplish more things as the editor-in-chief of the Campus Journal, a student at Dept. of Information and Communication Engineering, and a daughter of my parents. Because I am a goal-oriented person, I would like to do the work of two or three men without difficulty. Although sometimes, it felt like I was going through terrible hardships, I enjoyed living busily and on occasion, I could feel my heart beating in a really busy life. But ding the past 20 days, I have had nosebleeding almost every day. It may mean a warning signal about my health. But I believe that despite all the difficulties in my life, good memories and lessons will remain.

If a person commits to memory a piece of writing, poetry or prose, without previously realizing the importance, and treasures it up only for some present transient occasion, the impression is much sooner lost. He has not expended that labor and time which is so necessary to enable him to make fixed and permanent impressions upon the mind. One may very fluently recite a piece of writing, and nearly all will be forgotten in a very short time. Another will recite the same piece of writing less promptly, and yet remember the larger portion for a much greater length of time. Perhaps almost everyone has noticed that money or property easily and quickly acquired by speculation, by fraud, or by legacy, generally passes away as readily as it came. If one has not learned the value of property by personal experience, toil, or sacrifice, he does not spend it economically. The sudden loss or expense of wealth so invariably follows the easy and speedy possession of it.

Ock Jin-Young  media@changwon.ac.kr

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