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CNU, Opening the department of nursing

CNU, opening the department of nursing next year, will registrate 30 new students. The department of nursing will be open in college of natural science. Choosing new students through early application and regular application will be made respectively. To open a new department in 2010, CNU will be ready to secure professors and course of study.
And CNU is planning to contract with local hospitals for actual training. Jang Young-go, CNU’s the chief of admission, says “I prospect that many students apply for admission to the department of nursing which is popular study.”, “I hope good students to apply.”

by Hwang Dong-Hyun

Assignment Main Library Lockers

On Friday September 4th starting at 7:00 AM the lockers in the main library to be used for one semester will be assigned. Only enrolled Chang-Won University students may apply and application through a representative is not possible. Lockers will be assigned on a first come, first served basis and number tickets matching the locker numbers will be assigned. Locker usage agreements, identification, lock, and enrollment certificate must be presented on the same day. The agreement is available at the university homepage bulletin board or at the DoHakWee Cyworld homepage (club.cyworld.com/dohakwee), you need to sign and submit it.

by Kang In-Jung

New Courses of Certification for Computer

CNU Information & Computer Center has opened three courses of certification for computer application since July, 2009. The curriculum consist of MOS master, word processor, applicative ability for computer(excel program). The students who are applying for the curriculum should participate in more than 80~90 percent of the whole class. If the students who completed the whole course of study acquire certification, the center gives back application fee for an examination. If you want more detailed information, you can visit center’s webpage(http://www.changwon.ac.kr/ccenter) or telephone to office of center(213-2501

by Ahn Seong-Bin

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