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CNU 2009 a former part graduation ceremony

The CNU 2009 graduation ceremony was held on Friday, Feb. 14, at 11 am, at the auditorium in Education Hall. CNU granted 1x297 students bachelor's degrees, 223 students master’s degrees, and 32 students doctorate degrees. Present at this ceremony were Park Wan-Su, the mayor of Changwon, Kwan Young-Gil who is a committee member, Choi Choong-Kyoung who is the president of the Korean Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Kim Young-Duk who is the president of the Alumni Association, Kim Young-IN of Nonghyup Bank, and Son Kyo-Duk who is the general manager of Kyongnam Bank.

The MBA program of the graduate school of public administration donated 1,1,600 thousands won, MBA of business administration donated 75,500thousands won, the graduate school of industrial intelligence donated 5 million won. The total trust money raised was 92,100 thousand won.
Park Sung-Ho, president of CNU said that the graduation was the same as a new start. It is new start of our lives. As one thing is concluded, another work will begin for a long trip.
“You need continuous self-development and persistent passion for learning for your promising picture.
Then it might open new opportunities for you to break through the tight job market . To survive in this infinitely competitive society, first of all it is most important to increase your individual competitiveness,” he emphasized.

CNU recognized some students for their hard study and sincere attitude. Kim Jung-Pil (Dept. of Finance Insurance of College of Economics & Business), Ywang In-Kyoung (Dept. of Early Childhood Education of College of Humanities), Lee Hyung-Jee (Dept.of Public Administration of College of Social Sciences), Jang Do-Jin (Dept. of Statistics of College of Natural Science), Kwun Dong-Yul (Dept. of Computer Engineering of College of Engineering), and Pang Song-Lee(Dept. of Trade of College of Art) earned the highest honors, an honor graduate of college. Also, Park Chul-Hong (Dept. of German Language & Literature of College of Humanities) was awarded an achievement award. Ahn Jong-Sung (Dept. of International Trade) received special prize. Kim Gee-Il of administrative leader course, Jo Hyun-Yook of the MBA program, Lee Sung-Hoon of MBA, Em Young-Bae of a graduate school of industrial intelligence also received achievement awards.

Ock Jin-Young  merrong86@changwon.ac.kr

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