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The true picture of fine dust and countermeasures
  • Kim Tae-mi, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2016.05.18 13:37
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Nowadays, concerns about the fine dust that has adverse affects on the human body is growing. We need to know where and how much fine dust has been detected every day and the actions to be taken for this fine dust.

As a result of measuring ultra-fine dust on the major metropolitan subway platform and a variety of multi-facility, ultra-fine dust of 300㎍/ ~ 3,000/ is detected in the charcoal grill home and screen golf. This is 12-120 times higher than the recommended baseline of the World Health Organization for outdoor recreation per day. In major metropolitan subway platforms, amounts of ultra-fine dust higher than the outdoor national standard value 50 / were detected. Mainly in urban areas or heavy traffic subway platforms, the amount of dust came out a lot and the ultra-fine dust from 2 underground floors with platforms came out more than the first basement. In particular, the amount of ultra-fine dust in the subway tunnel soared to 1300 / . This is 50 times higher than the recommended baseline of the WHO for outdoor recreation and 26 times higher than the national standard value.

In fact, information about how much dust is often detected around us is still lacking. Also the domestic management criterion for ultra-fine dust began early this year but the outdoor daily average baseline is 50㎍ / . This is a loose standard because it is two times higher than the standard value 25 / recommended by the WHO. Moreover, the indoor reference value of microdust has not yet been established. So the subway or indoor multi-use facility used by citizens leaves a blind spot of the ultra-fine dust.

So how should you avoid this dust? It is recommended that you do not go outside when pollution levels are high, so as to avoid dust. However, because it is sometimes impossible not to go out, it is necessary to take the following actions: First, when you go out you should wear a hat, glasses, and a mask with dust-blocking effect. Fine dust blocks pores on the scalp thus interfering with metabolic functions, such as sebaceous glands and blood circulation, so you should protect your scalp by wearing a hat. Also wearing glasses is better than wearing lenses to protect your eyes from dust entering the eyes.

When you wear a mask, it is recommended to wear a proper mask for health care in order to prevent respiratory diseases because it has the performance to filter out fine particles unlike normal masks. These masks which block particles are displayed with a number followed by 'KF' (Korea Filter) for each product. “KF80” means it can filter out 80% or more of fine particles with average size 0.6㎛ and “KF94” can filter out over 94% of the average particle size 0.4.

When you buy a mask, care should be taken because of unauthorized, falsely advertised masks.

So if you buy a mask in pharmacies, supermarkets, convenience stores you need to see the “quasi”' and “KF” clearly labeled.

Also washing health masks after use should not be reused if possible. When washing the mask, the shape is not maintained and the function is modified and it could become contaminated with dirt or bacteria.

After going out, you should thoroughly wash and brush. If your skin is sensitive and weak, you should also more thoroughly flush and immediately shower. Fine dust particles are difficult because they completely block through clothes as they are so small.

If possible, don’t open your windows. If the dust is severe, windows should be closed to prevent dust coming into the room.

Next, let's learn about good eating habits to prevent dust.

First you need to drink water often. Fine dust entering respiratory organs creates neck pain, and can cause severe inflammation. Therefore, you should drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Water is effective to keep the respiratory system moist and weed out the bad dust.

Next it is advised to consume seaweed, green tea, fruits and vegetables. There is an effect that prevents dust accumulation of heavy metals in the body. Green tea is good to drink because it often has the effect of quickly discharging the heavy metals through increasing the water content of blood in urine.

There are myths that when fine dust is severe you should eat pork belly to wash the dust off the bronchi. But this is a rumor with no scientific basis. Although pork belly can be good because protein intake through pork helps improve immunity, it is difficult to view that the food prevents and treats health problems caused by dust and fine dust.

We all should try to keep in mind to be healthy from dust in this regard.

Kim Tae-mi, cub-reporter  taemi1008@daum.net

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