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Library for Students or Public?
Nowadays CNU library is full of students preparing for the mid-exam. But there are not only our university undergraduates but also ordinary people to prepare for various kinds of exams, other university students, middle and high school students at our CNU library. Although there is a rule that the public can use a reading room of 1 and 3. However, most of the public use all reading rooms freely. So the students of CNU have many problems.

First, there are not enough seats for the students because of the public. Especially, middle and high school students go first to reserve seats for their friends. So the students have to turn toward the other place to study. Although the university library must be a solem atmosphere, the library full of middle and high school students is very noisy and desultory.

Second, there is great discontent among the students against the public because they do not observe the library rules of etiquette. I met a student studying at the library. She said “The public often do acts against etiquette. They usually use notebook computers with mouse at the reading room of library then the mouse button make noise and that noise is really bothering me. In addition, I go to my seat after using the automatic dispenser for seat, there are always someone. I could not tell him to get out of my seat because he seems older than Sometimes, the public say “First come, first served”. Then I don’t know what to say. What was worse, they use the mobile phone in the reading room.”

There are so many complaints. To solve these problems, we have to set a limit on the admission of the public or open to the public more reading room for them.
We need a quick decision to come up with measures for our own students.

Ock Jin-Young  merrong86@changwon.ac.kr

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