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SNS: Stress or sharing information?
  • Choi Hyeon-kyeong
  • 승인 2015.04.13 19:35
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Have you ever used SNS? The more people that have smart phones, the use of SNS is increasing. SNS is an online service called ‘Social Network Service’, which builds social relation networks. SNS has an advantage to liaise people but it has disadvantages, such as adding stress to human relationships and wasting time. We conducted a survey of 369 students about using SNS.

The first question was ‘Do you usually use SNS?’ for searching how many students use SNS. 300 students (81%) answered ‘Yes, I do’ and 69 students (19%) answered ‘No, I don’t’. We asked students who use ‘SNS’ how often they use it. 264 students (72%) said they connect 2-3 times a day and 30 students (8%) said they connect every other day. Then only 12 students (3%) said they use it once a week. Most students are using SNS every day. What is the primary purpose of using SNS? 111 students said ‘to find information and knowledge’ and 96 students said ‘to communicate with people sharing similar interests'. There are other answers like ‘to record daily life and share it’ and ‘to build personal relationships and manage it’.

The second question was ‘If you don’t use SNS or have undergone stress from it, what is the reason?’ While some enjoy using SNS, others get stressed by it. 159 students said it makes them waste time and 84 students said it exposes their privacy. Besides, 19% of students said they don’t want to see others’ boasts, 9% of students said they hate receiving a friend request from strangers. 6% of students said they are afraid that others have no impression from their writing and photos.

The third question was ‘What kind of SNS do you use?’ The number of users of SNS at CWNU was very high, so we investigated what kind of SNS they use. ‘Facebook’ (81%) placed highly. Then Instagram, Twitter and Kakaostory are followed by Facebook. Why is Facebook so loved? One of the students who uses Facebook said, “Without meeting in person, I’m able to know how other people live and their thinking about different issues through Facebook. So, it makes me use it repeatedly.”

It turns out that students are using SNS for getting information. Using SNS appropriately is good, but excessive use leads to a waste of time and stress, so it seems to need a little abstention.

Choi Hyeon-kyeong  hk7312003@naver.com

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