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CWNU Holds the 2014 Graduation Ceremony
  • Choi Hyeon-kyeong
  • 승인 2015.03.02 17:58
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The 2014 CWNU graduation ceremony was held on Friday, Feb 27th in the Education Hall auditorium. It was a little late for the ceremony, but graduates looked happy and attendees celebrated their graduation sincerely. Lee Chan-gyu, the President of CWNU and many guests showed up at the commencement to celebrate the graduation. This year's keynote speaker was the President of CWNU, Lee Chan-gyu, also offered words of encouragement to graduates who would advance into society.

He said, “I want to graduates to chase their dreams with a patience and ideas like Steve Jobs and Joan K. Rowling. They experienced many failures after graduating, but they chased a dream until they succeeded it. Finally, I want you to contribute to our society and country."

Also we listened to one graduate’s impression of how graduates leave their school life before entering into society. Park Hae-chul (Dept. of Mass Communication & Journalism) said, “Continuously had a school life, not leaving of absence from school. It’s a little sad for me to say goodbye and more bittersweet than feeling relieved after graduating. If CWNU students are having half a mind to do what they want to do, don’t consider it anymore and start it right now.”

CWNU granted bachelor’s degrees to 1335 students, master’s degrees to 256 students and doctoral degrees to 39 students. In total, CWNU has granted bachelor’s degrees to 43,394 students, master’s degrees to 8,526 students and doctoral degrees to 782 students.

The 33rd graduation ceremony finished, receiving congratulations. We hope graduates go forward, showing their ability after entering into society.

Choi Hyeon-kyeong  hk7312003@naver.com

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