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Congraduations New Leaders! 'Fighting'

New president and vice-president were elected at Club Association election. I met a new president Rye Ho-Sung who belongs to Academy Club and Lee So-Young who belongs to Nabi Club.

1. How do you feel to be elected?
(president) First, I am deeply grateful to club members who give much support to me. I will represent club association with sincerity. I will speak for club students and CWNU students. I wish that I become a president who directly worried with club students, not become a president who has the authority. 2010 election gave me much courage and desire. I will be a president who never forget their mind. I will support the voice which club exclaims as sincerely as I can.
(vice-president) I come to this place because many people support me. I will enthusiastically work for the next year. I will do my best in order to be the best company of a president as you think.

2.What is your motivation to run for election?
(president) I first joined the club in 2003 and then get affection for the club. So I have consecutively taken the club’s president and got more affection for the club. Then I took part in the election with the ambition for growth of club culture.
(vice-president) I am now in ‘Nabi’, a new club, which was formed this year. I have had a hard time leading this newborn club, but this changed affection, and this caused my curiosity about other clubs having the same worry. So I run for the election for club revitalization.

3.What kind of election pledges did you have to be elected?
We promised that we will support the production of publicity films for new students and we will make club exhibition and counsel booth for new students. We will renovate Pong-rim Student hall‘s toilet and solve waste disposal problems of stand clubs. And we will make a multipurpose room, free copy room for club people and make a good phone facilities. Also, we promised to get financial support from the college authorities to revitalize club culture.

4.What’s your plan for the future?
As time goes by, there is a tendency to evade clubs among students. So we will do many club publicity activities to students. And we will try for club revitalization.And also I’ll certainly make our club culture active by doing big project or making efforts to get contact-action by connecting a community and our club.

Choi Duck-Yoon  duckyoon1004@changwon.ac.kr

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