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Congraduations New Leaders! 'Red Carpet'

1. ’Red Carpet°Ø got elected, though you are the only candidate. What do you feeling?
I am so glad to get elected. I gained valuable things while I worked as a chairman of dept. of Microbiology. So I°Øm convinced that I can try many things for students in collage of natural science. As students vote me, °ÆRed Carpet will do its best, and we°Øll never make you disappointed.

2. Dose °ÆRed Carpet°Ø has an interesting episode during election campaign?
We campaigned during a break or in class only if a professor approved. Once, we get in break, try to make them pay attention but many students are in sleep and others also does not show interest in who we are. So embarrassed, just we laughed.

3. Dose °ÆRed Carpet°Ø has pledge that must be completed for collage of Natural science ?
°ÆRed Carpet°Ø promised more comfortable campus life in our building. Most of all, we must improve toilet environment. First, broken doors should be changed as soon as possible.

4. Say to students in collage of Natural Science
Thanks to students gives valuable vote to me. Next year, ‘Red Carpet’ must takes heart of student swho gives us dissenting vote. So, in 2010 year we run and run for collage of natural Science.

Hwang Dong-Hyun  ssams5@sendu.com

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