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Introduction of New Security System

On January 1, 2009, a fire broke out in building 54, due to unknown causes. A security guard witnessed the fire and minimized the damage to the school. other similar accidents, great and small, have also occurred at CWNU. This draws attention to the need for a security system.

The general affairs section changed the security system for efficient management. In the previous system, security guards worked twelve-hour shifts. Their assignments were visitros' guide, traffic control, crime prevention, and patrol.

After patrol, they were usually in the guardroom. Because they are often over 60 years old, they have difficulty preventing strangers from entering a building. In order to correct the weak points in this system, the general affairs section developed measures to deal with the problem.

The section combined the previous system's strong points with an automated security system. In the future, the automated security system will control theft prevention, fire prevention, and states of emergency. Security guards will be responsible for regular patrol, traffic control, parking management, and facility management. The section also changed the security guard's place of work. Every security guard works in the general security office which is located at the head office of CWNU.

When something urgent occurs, every guard can go to the location of the accident.

Due to the additional installation of CCTV (closed-circuit television), incidents are expected to be reduced and prevented. In addition, the general affairs section can reduce expenses. Owing to the system change, a savings of 2.5 billion won over five years can be expected. Jung Ji-Won, an officer of the general affairs section, said"Through this change, we have increased the efficiency of our security and decreased
the cost.

Although the automated security system has many merits, it can suffer mechanical errors. By taking account of this fault, we guarantee the safety of students. Please show an interest in our effort."

Ahn Seong-Bin  ahnbin1205@changwon.ac.kr

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