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A Strong Growing Prospect of Iran’s Women’s Revolution Protests
  • By Shin min-joo, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2022.10.13 13:29
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▲ Women on the streets in protests against hijabs (Source: Yeonhap News)

Iran's women’s revolution protests against wearing a hijab have lasted more than two weeks. This is soon spreading to anti-government protests. The protest occurred on the 16 of September after a 22-year-old Iranian woman, "Mahsa Amini," was arrested by police for not wearing a hijab, as she was thought to be exposing too much hair. At the time, Amini was arrested by police after visiting a relative's house in Tehran with her family. The police arrested Amini for failing to comply with the law, saying, "If you are a woman, you should cover your hair with a hijab." Amini fainted during a police investigation and died on the 16th, three days after falling into a coma. According to the AFP (Agence France-Presse) on the 7 of October (local time), Iran's forensic organization said on state television that, "the cause of Mahsa Amini's death was not a beating on the head, limbs, or organs," and announced that the cause of her death was a result of, "a brain tumor surgery that occurred at the age of eight." Protests have intensified since the Iranian government expressed its position. Protesters are demanding women have a choice to wear hijabs and are continuing to protest in Iran, especially in Kurdistan (northwestern Iran). Protests against hijabs are spreading nationwide, with college students and teenagers participating.

Contrary to the government's hard-line response, anti-hijab protests are entering their third week. Anti-hijab protests are unusual, in that they are happening more and more frequently. Protesters are taking off their hijabs, marching through the streets, or burning them, shouting, "Women, Life and Freedom." The Iranian government deployed police forces armed with live ammunition to suppress the protesters, and a gunfight took place throughout the city. The position of, "Iran Human Rights (IHR)," a non-governmental human rights group in Oslo, Norway, has been confirmed to have killed at least 133 people, including children. According to Iranian authorities, more than 500 people were injured and more than 1,000 people were arrested.

As the protests intensified, the Iranian government attempted to control public opinion by blocking the Internet and arresting journalists to prevent the international spread of the protests, however, the protests are still spreading. In response, Iranian President Sayed Ebrahim Raisi said, "The ongoing anti-government protests are unacceptable," adding that all Iranians should fight against the protests. Meanwhile, the Iranian president was scheduled to interview with a female reporter on CNN about the protests. The Iranian president asked the reporter to wear a hijab during the interview, and when the reporter refused, he canceled the interview. Judging from this behavior, the Iranian president does not seem to be willing to listen to the protesters, and the protests are expected to continue to persist over time. The Iranian government is ordering an armed crackdown, claiming that the United States is behind the protests.

The anger of the Iranian people is still lingering, and protests against government mandated hijabs are spreading around the world. For example, French actress Juliette Vinosh shouted, "For freedom," cut her hair and waved her hair at the camera. Later, Marion Cotiar, well-known for, "La Vien Rose," and, "Inception," also said, "For the brave women and men of Iran who are changing the world at this moment. “I'm with you guys," she said while cutting her hair and joining the movement. Other actors, including Isabel Azani, also participated in the challenge by posting videos on Instagram Instagram. Meanwhile, an Iranian male singer, "Shavin Hajipur," is spreading songs written about women's lives and freedom through SNS.

The international community is staging a joint protest as celebrities have expressed their intention to join forces against hijabs, raising international awareness of the Iranian protests and women’s rights. Solidarity protests under the slogan of, "Women, Life, and Freedom," are taking place around the world, including Seoul, Auckland, New Zealand, London, England, New York, the U.S., Paris, France, Rome, Italy, Stockholm, Sweden. The Iranian government is likely to have a lot of worries at the moment, and the international community will have to wait and see how the protests will conclude

By Shin min-joo, cub-reporter  pinky3167@naver.com

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