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The government should clarify priorities before wasting tax money
  • By Jeong Seung-In, reporter
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▲" Yellow House" was a red-light district made to sexually serve Japanese people.

Incheon city announced that starting September 17th it will carry out a Yellow House” was a red-light district made to serve Japanese people sexually near the vicinity of Incheon Port in the early 1900s which was relocated to Sungui-dong in 1962. Currently, Yellow House has decreased its business due to the improvement of the urban residential environment. Still, approximately 70 prostitutes are still performing sex trades in this district. This reduction is closely connected to the implementation of the Special Law on Sex Prostitution in 2004. Moreover, soon the Yellow House will disappear when residences such as apartments and Officetel enter the area. Therefore, Incheon city determined that the prostitutes who lost their jobs, should be provided financial support owing to loss of jobs. The support from Incheon city will be given to the prostitutes under the promise to never commit in prostitution ever again. The total subsidy for these sexual victims is estimated to be around 22.6 million won: the monthly cost of living of 1 million won, monthly vocational training cost of 300 thousand won, and housing support cost of 7 million won. The support would be entirely confiscated from any victims found guilty of being involved in sex trade again.
However, the majority of citizens are quite dissatisfied with such support coming from their paid taxes since there are honest students who are investing their time and labor to pay for their cost of college and workers working more than 5 days a week to afford living for their family. They believe that prostitution is not a job and that the inside of a woman
s body is not a workplace. Most of the prostitutes voluntarily chose to be involved in an illegal activity to earn large sums of money in a short time. People are questioning whether people who chose to be prostitutes can be considered as victims in the first place. This situation is no different from constantly paying thieves money every month to keep them from stealing anymore. Incheon city is not the first to take such measures. Daegu city provided up to 20 million won for 10 months to support sex workers while Jeju-si and Aju City are also enforcing similar laws.
Only 30 years ago, regardless of their will, there were people who were forced to work as prostitutes due to debt or kidnapping. But nowadays, it is hard to believe that prostitution workers are forced to carry out prostitution since they are always carrying their smartphones with them while waiting for sex trade. Mostly, they have the option to contact for legal help if they wish to do so. There are people out there who give up their spare time to earn even a small amount of money. In such cases, it is not logical to support government money to those who chose illegal work of their own will.
Eventually, citizens raised their voices when the announcement of the support for victims was released.
There is no doubt that some sex trades are made regardless of their will, but it still won
t be easy to find actual victims. Most prostitutes in Incheon city will definitely apply to receive the grant which will make it hard for those who actually need the support.
A certain amount of support from the government is needed to end prostitution, but it is necessary for the government to clarify that there are priorities that really need government support before helping out prostitutes.

By Jeong Seung-In, reporter  samcandothat@naver.com

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