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Autumn Trip just with 10,000won

An autumn is the best season to make a trip. Because it has fine weathers and beautiful autumnal tints. In addition, an autumn breeze blows softly. This coming Saturday, October 24th, how about going on a tour? Ko Eun-Young, an official of CNU museum, invites 40 participants. She made a specific plan, the tourist spots and the day’s schedule.

This time, tourists’ destinations are Hwasun-gun and Boseong-gun, Jellanam-do. Tourists visit Unjusa, sangbongsa, Hwasun dolmen park, Boseong green tea fields. Students and staffs of CNU and citizen can apply for participation. Application is accepted in order of application. Application is accepted from the 19th to the 21st by telephone or in person. A telephone number is 213-2432. The cost of trip is 10 thousand won. The cost includes fare, admission fee, price for a meal, and price for travel insurance. CNU provides financial support with one million won.

■Introductions of tourist spots

1. Unjusa(temple)

It was located in 26km southwest of Hwasun-eup. It is believed that Unjusa and a thousand Buddhas and pagodas were built in the end of the Unified Silla Period by the Buddhist monk Doseon. According to topology, he thought this temple needed a sail and shipmaster because it shaped like a ship. He, therefore, built thousand Buddhas and pagodas. The name, ‘Thousand Buddhas and Thousand Pagodas’ originated from it.

2. Hwasun dolmen park

A dolmen is a grave at the prehistoric age and a kind of megalithic monument. It is distributed all over the world and Korea is its center. There are about 19,000 only in Jeonnam. Hwasun is a representative center of dolmen and has about 2,000. Since 1988, the dolmen in Hwasun was designated as a cultural asset.

3. Boseong green tea fields

Boseong has the largest tea fields in the whole county. According to the ancient history books, tea trees have always grown naturally in this district. So far, tea has grown around the Daewon temple, a historical site. Even one village in Songgok-ri was called Da-jeon (Plenty of Tea).

Ahn Seong-Bin  ahnbin1205@changwon.ac.kr

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