UPDATE : 2024.6.3 Mon 00:19
Concerns about Employment, Solve It with the USG Job Festival!
The USG Job Festival was held at CWNU on May 16. This festival was jointly hosted by CWNU Employment Strategy Center and Smart Manufacturing Engineering Division
Forum Successfully Completed: CWNU Nears Glocal University Designation
Interest is growing in the possibility of CWNU being designated as a Glocal University. CWNU has made multifaceted efforts to achieve this designation in 2024
Mandatory Health Insurance Verification ID Required for Hospital and Pharmacy Visits?
The Ministry of Health and Welfare implemented the "Health Insurance Identification Verification System" on May 20th, requiring personal identification, such as an ID card
Constitutional Amendment to Include Reappointment of the President Surfaces
Cho Kuk, the leader of the Rebuilding Korea Party, has suggested the establishment of the Special Committee on Constitutional Amendment
Neuralink: Realization of Brain-Computer
Neuralink, Elon Musk's startup company, founded in 2016, is developing a Brain Computer Interface (BCI) device that enables connections between the brain and computers
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