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Chaorum Received an Excellence Award in Changwon Media Video Contest Exhibit
  • By Park Seong-eun,cub-reporter
  • 승인 2022.09.18 23:46
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Chaorum: Received an Excellence Award in Changwon Media Video Contest Exhibit

A lots of people in Changwon University have performed many great feats for Changwon University in various areas and their respective positions. Among them, 'Chaorum' students, Changwon University's Honorary Ambassador, participated in the Changwon Media Video Contest Exhibit and received an excellence award. In the case of the contest exhibit, involving a large number of contestants who cannot estimate the number of participants, it is glorious news for them to win a prize.

The Changwon Media Video Contest Exhibit, where Changwon University received an award, had been operating for about two months. The results were announced on July 16th. The Changwon Media Video Contest Exhibit, one of the events held at Changwon Media Festival, is held every year. The subtitle of the contest exhibit was, “Put it in 100 seconds! The moment will soon be forever!” They could participate with two topics: 'There is OO in Changwon,' and the advertising video of, 'With COVID-19 and With a Small Business'. It was followed by four procedures: the first self-examination, the second online voting, the third the examination of judges, and the fourth was on-site voting, conducted on July 16th.

They conducted an examination by dividing it into a total of six examination areas: responsiveness, visual beauty, planning, interest, information, and creativity. Chaorum seems to discuss several times the areas of examination, because the number of veiws, likes, and comments were important. Additionally, it was important whether the information delivery, creativity, and theme expression of content were aesthetically sensible in connection with the story progression, and the video technique.

Our Changwon University students involved in, 'There is ROMANCE in Changwon,' the first theme, won an Excellence Award, proudly, among 5 works. There were five Chaorum students who participated in this contest exhibit, Beom Seung-gyun, Jang Si-woong, Heo Sang-moon, and Park Ji-yoon. They were filmed beautifully in Changwon's appearance with a variety of Changwon's attractions, providing an emotional and mellow atmosphere in their content. The content was introduced and promoted in ten places that emanated Changwon's romance. The ten places were: Buk-myeon Ecological Park, Yongji Lake Park, Changwon Garosu-gil, Dotseom Marine Recreation Area, Marine Drama Set, Gagopa Koburang-gil Mural Village, Gyeonghwa Station, Jinhaeru, Gwisan Cafe Street, and Anmingogae. Beom Seung-gyun, the 12th leader involved in it, said, “We thought of a way to be able to promote Changwon University by participating in the name of Chaorum. We accepted the challenge and even received the award. We will try our best to inform Changwon University now and forever.” Also, Heo Sang-moon, one of the students involved, said, “Although the contest exhibit was at first a challenge, we could receive helpful advice for video education, which we learned by starting as an Honorary Ambassador. Additionally, we could film colorful scenes through the support of a wide range of equipment.” We can watch this contents on the YouTube '차오름' account.

Charorum who devoted their energies in order to promote Changwon University in an innovative way, is once again from Changwon University Admissions Management Division. It means 'Running and Flying High' in Korean and the Phoenix, Changwon University's symbol. It is selected to each major after a high competition rate every year. They can start wonderful activities as an official Honorary Ambassador after a two-month probationary period as a preliminary ambassador. Based on pride and college sprit, they not only introduce our university to prospective students but also have roles regarding mentorship and career counseling, as university representatives. Furthermore, they actively contribute to the local community both internally and externally, such as providing campus tours, career experiences, and protocol activities as well as online and offline ventures. Each term's ambassadors are actively spurring the university's promotion to introduce Changwon University through social media. It seems that we look forward to Chaorum's future activities that will bring meaningful results. Recently, Chaorum conducted significant activities by recruiting the 13th group of students from September 19th. The application details are in the Changwon University Waggle Notice. If you are interested in Chorum, where you can experience new adventures and enjoyment, we hope that you apply.

By Park Seong-eun, cub-reporter

▶Chorum students who received an award in 2022 contest exhibit (Source: Changwon University)

By Park Seong-eun,cub-reporter  pseun1017@naver.com

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