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What Will the 2020 Graduation Exhibitions Look Like?
  • By Choi Yuri,Cub-reporter
  • 승인 2020.09.07 09:11
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The College of Arts, the College of Engineering, and some other departments require the completion of a graduation project for graduation. Graduates are supposed to perform or display their work in an exhibition. The exhibition is usually held from November to December. However, university is still a dangerous environment due to COVID-19. The summer graduation ceremony was cancelled, and the number of classes that have become online classes is soaring. If social distancing is upgraded to level 3, it will be hard to hold the graduation exhibitions. The Campus Journal interviewed students and exhibition committee members to see how they are preparing for their graduation project and how the exhibition will be held.

Most students are working hard despite COVID-19. Park Jung-Yong, from the Department of Information & Communication Engineering, said, “I am creating a mobile application as my graduation project with my team. Luckily, we can work on it remotely. Data sharing and communication based on computer programs is simple.” Lee Kyung-Ok, from the Department of Fine Art, said, “I have been working on my artwork on campus. I even lived in the school dormitories over summer vacation to prepare my artwork.” Kim Eun-bin, from the Department of Dance, said, “We are working on our performances without concerning ourselves with whether or not the show will be canceled. We discuss how to improve the choreography instead of worrying. Everyone is putting a lot of effort into the performance so that we can perform on stage without regret.”

Everyone has different ideas as to how to proceed with the exhibition. Kim Myeon-Sung, from the Department of Culture & Technology, said, “I had my major’s lessons in person last semester, but people didn’t follow the guidelines to prevent COVID-19. I guess a remote exhibition would be better.” Kim Min-Gi, from the Department of Culture & Technology, said, “It is time to concentrate on the prevention of COVID-19 in the fall when the second wave is predicted to get worse. It seems necessary to check other ways to fulfill qualification except for exhibition.” On the other hand, Kang Dong-Yup, from the Department of Industrial Design, said, “The graduation exhibition is very important for the students of the Arts. A remote exhibition should be considered if COVID-19 gets more serious. However, if COVID-19 is manageable, it might be a good idea to hold an in person exhibition, as long as people take the appropriate safety precautions.”

According to the students, most departments haven’t come out with specific precautions yet. The departments have already reserved a place for the exhibition, and they are keeping an eye out for COVID-19. The Department of Fine Art’s graduation committee said, “We had a meeting on August 25th. We discussed how to hold the exhibition if social distancing is taken up another level. We didn’t officially decide on anything, but we discussed possibilities. The Department of Culture & Technology’s graduation committee said, “We will switch the original exhibition to an online video exhibition if COVID-19 gets worse. We will officially decide on October, 11th. However, things can always change because of COVID-19.“

Students do their best to present the perfect performance or exhibition project. Therefore, each department has to find a safe and practical way to hold an exhibition for everybody. Nobody can predict the near future in relation to COVID-19. So each department should see what other schools’ are doing, both domestically and abroad, and make detailed plans that respect the level of social distancing and take precautions against COVID-19. Every department should have plans in place for an in person exhibition, and a remote exhibition. Graduation performances and exhibitions are meaningful for students to show the results of their four-years of studies. Every department should show their students’ capabilities well and try to find a safe way to hold an exhibition at the same time.

By Choi Yuri,Cub-reporter  y0uuri@naver.com

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