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No more liquor sales on campus
  • Park Seon-gyeong
  • 승인 2018.05.26 22:07
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The National Tax Service announced the ban of unlicensed liquor sales to universities within the country. Its purpose is to prevent college students from being fined for violating the liquor tax law and to establish a healthy culture on campus. Originally, it was an illegal act to sell liquor without a license. But, bar booth is where students sell liquor and snacks during the campus festival. Because students don’t have a license to sell them, bar booths were clearly illegal. A big controversy is that they cannot put a tax on student’s profits from bar booths.

Many universities have traditionally opened bar booths during campus festivals. Especially in May, there are many festivals held on university campuses. The ban was imposed only a few weeks before the festival and the student council at each university has no choice but to ban bar booths. Students are increasingly frustrated and their complaints are spread widely. There were even messages among the Presidential Petition Board that the sudden ban is unfair. At some of the university festivals, students selected the way to buy alcoholic beverages outside of campus. In addition, they served it for free the alcohol that was purchased. The bar booths were removed on campus however, it is inseparable to follow students with liquor at the festival. Instead, some campus festivals, such as one in Seoul, have called in food trucks or hired a pub to serve drinks all around the campus.

Kyoungnam University and Inje University, located near CWNU, held a festival from May 16-18. They had also received the official governmental documents of cooperation regarding the sale of unlicensed liquor. As a result, they didn’t open the bar booth entirely during the festival. Rather, they were trying to set up various booths with food or something else.

Dae-Dong jae, the upcoming festival in September, also won’t elude this tendency. About this situation, Park-Seo woo, the CWNU student president of Step by Step (the 34th student council), said that he is very sorry that the ban notice was not discussed with students. He also emphasized the importance of creating a plan to gather the opinions of classmates as much as possible.

Park Seon-gyeong  asdf9382@naver.com

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