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The Inauguration of the Bongrim Dasom Room
(The opening of the Bongrim Dasom Room which occured on April 20)

Bongrim Student Hall is a building that is made for the comfort of the students at Changwon National University. In this place, many necessities can be found, such as a convenience store, restaurant, and café. All these additions to the university building are to aid the students as well as the professors and staff and give them the things they need. In recent events, the opening of the “Bongrim Dasom Room” was officially initiated on April 18. This was also in commemoration of the National Day of the Disabled, which was on April 20. Additionally, Haeng-Su Kim, the president of the student affairs section, stated that there was a pizza restaurant on the first floor which happened to close down because of the contract expiring. Instead of a pizza place, the facilitators considered making a lounge exclusive for the disabled students so that they can rest during free periods. The room has two comfortable beds, a spacious table accompanied by plenty of chairs, as well as a cozy sofa. Thus, the students can rest or even study as they please in their very own space. As of now, since it has been installed, not many disabled students seem to utilize it as they are not aware of the lounge itself. On the other hand, Da-In Choi, a third-year student from the Department of Special Education, who happens to be a user of this room, stated that the room is very comfortable to use. She also said that it is a privilege for the disabled because she does not have to mind other people’s attention. Also, since it has a quiet atmosphere, she is able to finish requirements or just relax there. Overall, the Bongrim Dasom Room is still in development to become a perfect lounge for the disabled; meaning it is safe to say that this is a great installment in the Bongrim Student Hall.

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