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Where does Swarm of Flies go during the Winter?Science
Where does the highly annoying swarm of flies go during the summer? The swarm of flies has slipped away without our knowledge with the change of seasonal changes. Where is flies located during the winter? They are in winter sleep? Or, are they moving in groups heading for southern countries? No, that is not so. The correct answer of this question is “dead”. The fly is dead when it becomes a cold winter. The lifespan of fly is at most 7~21 days. Above all, the fly can survive at the most ideal environment. The warm temperature, sufficient feed and proper humidity are essential for the fly to hatch an egg and to survive. All conditions are the worst in winter. So the swarm of flies would die. It is impossible for them to hide by transforming into eggs or in pupal stage during the winter.

The fly usually breeds eggs on the ground, an opening in the wall, tree or excrement. The egg hatches out and soon turns into caterpillar. The caterpillar turns into the pupal stage after 1~4 days. Five days later, it develops from a larva into an imago. If they can increase this term to long, they can hide themselves and survive, but they can not change this period as they like. In addition, they can not think that they move to other warm country because even though they just get the ability of a short flight they can not get out of the place of their birth at most 16km.

Then what is the swarm of flies which we have seen every summer? The answer is very simple. The flies endured severe cold to the end and breed again at the shed and the four corners of the home. If it is warm and there are sufficient foods, minority of them can survive and multiply rapidly. The key is their huge and immense propagation power. A pair of flies is reported to reproduce 325trillion 9thousand 2hundred 32hundred million flies in one summer season.

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