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Shadows of night disappearScience
Most of the stars at night sky in cities disappear due to the bright light.

We will live in the environment of darkness without constraint, if we do not feel it difficult to do something at night with just light of star and light of moon as most of the animals do at night on earth. But we are a diurnal animal with eyes feeling familiar with bright light of sun. In addition, the fact that a man is a diurnal animal can explain about the change of the night which was made by a man. Already we filled the whole sky at night with the full light. The same thing goes with the fact that we artificially make a dam at river so that we can make an artificial manipulation. Artificial lighting or dam not only make our lives convenient and give us many benefits but give us a side effect at the same time. Thus, it is right time for scientists to start studying lighting pollution.

The main reason for this light pollution is a wrong lighting design. Because we make artificial lighting to head for the sky not for the bottom, these lightings chase the dark out and completely change our rhythm of lighting of night day like circulation of lighting and the premier position of lighting familiar with a man. The lighting is influenced by various life activities such as moving, multiplication and care of health to fly to the natural world. IAU enacted a guideline to suppress lighting pollution in 1973. Arizona in the USA also made a law to limit the lighting at road and outside the house having a bad effect upon astronomy observation. Our neighboring country, the Japan also made a law to maintain the environment of good condition for astronomy observation. 140 countries on the whole world are trying to restore order in the sky to greet a year of astronomy.

We can find the polar star shining in the night sky at the Northern Hemisphere easily all the year round. According to the polar star, we also can see the stars with a shape of a dipper easily. However we are losing our light in the city.

The shining stars lighting up the dark like a gravel suffer from the light of scoreboard and streetlight. An astronomer is frustrated that we have difficulty with the observation of star in the Seoul night sky.

the latest, there are the popular complaint because the bluish glow of the street lamp or sign lighting in front of the house get into their house when they want to fall asleep. As we take a side view of this complaint, it is no more a problem just as a public enemy.
The ripple effect from light pollution is diverse and extravagant. Now the deal of 2/3 of people can not observe the heavenly bodies. And an accident happens because of the excessive illumination. It also reduce the quickness, an initiative spirit, one´s power of concentration. Besides a migratory bird lose its way and at the same time the number of a migratory bird are bumped against a tower. The sea turtle were just born head to the seaside follow the bright lighting. The problems has already grown serious both a human being and an ecosystem. We have to as soon as possible take an emergency measure.

Ock Jin-Young  merrong86@changwon.ac.kr

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