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Concerns about Employment, Solve It with the USG Job Festival!
  • By Son Yu-jeong, cub-reporter
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▲ USG Job Festival was held at Sarim Square (Source: Provided by CWNU Youthcenter)

The USG Job Festival was held at CWNU on May 16. This festival was jointly hosted by CWNU Employment Strategy Center and Smart Manufacturing Engineering Division, and aims to support career development and employment for students at University System of Gyeongnam and CWNU. In addition, it pursues coexistence between companies and students by strengthening connections between local public enterprises and industries and providing employment information to students. Various events were held at the Sarim Student Hall and Sarim Square of CWNU. Depending on the type of event, participation was possible through pre- registration via DreamCatch or on- site registration on the day. We heard more details through an interview with Yu Hyun- ji from the USG Education Center at CWNU, who was in charge of this festival.

Q. Please introduce yourself.

Yu: Hello, I am Yu Hyun- ji. I am working at the USG Education Center under the Smart Manufacturing Engineering Division of Ulsan- Gyeongnam Regional Innovation Platform of CWNU.

Q. Who were the participants of the USG Job Festival?

Yu: The festival was aimed at 1,500 participants, including students and graduates of CWNU and the University System of Gyeongnam, and local young job seekers.

Q. Please explain the main events that occurred that day.

Yu: It was largely composed of job lectures, job counseling sessions, and event booths. In the special lecture conducted by seniors in the humanities, social sciences, and science and engineering fields, practical advice on resume and interview preparation, job experience, industry information, and workplace culture was provided based on their employment experience and work life. In the special lecture on NCS and overseas employment, discussions included the talent images sought by current enterprises and strategies for overseas employment. At the job counseling session, a total of 10 mentors who graduated from CWNU provided career advice to young job seekers. They provided real time information on the current employment market situation, including trends in specific industries, and practical work that differs from theory. Finally, there were side events where students could experience various things and receive prizes, such as personal color diagnosis, food trucks, and event booths.

Q. What was the motivation for the USG Job Festival?

Yu: In the job market, it is necessary to identify and resolve the gap between the job competency of young job seekers and the demand for talent in companies. The festival was promoted to help students prepare for employment by providing networking opportunities with experts, incumbents, and various job information.

Q. The USG Job Festival has been held every year. What is the difference about this festival?

Yu: It include job lectures and job information sessions. Last year, many companies such as Korea Electric Power Corporation and Hanwha Aerospace held job information sessions. This time, however, seniors who graduated from CWNU gave special lectures on employment based on their experiences. NCS professional instructors at ’Hackers’ conducted a public institution employment information session, and local figures from ‘Logistics’ of the Japanese major logistics company conducted an overseas employment information session.

Q. Were there any challenges in preparing for the USG Job Festival?

Yu: We had a lot of concerns about recruiting mentors whose jobs and companies meet the demands of students and young people. However, seniors who graduated from CWNU were willing to participate for the students, so we were able to proceed with the festival.

Q. What is the number of students and the percentage of grades that participated in the USG Job Festival?

Yu: The total number of students who participated was 1,896. The percentage of grades were 12% for first graders, 25% for second graders, 31% for third graders, and 30% for fourth graders, based on the signatures of the attendance.

Q. What outcomes do you expect from hosting the USG Job Festival?

Yu: We hope that students will prepare for employment more effectively by obtaining the latest job- related information from mentors and various experts at participating companies, and by acquiring the knowledge to quickly adapt to market changes.

Through the festival, students at CWNU and local young people are expected to develop employment competency and obtain a lot of employment information. It is necessary to prepare for employment in line with the changing society and job market. If you are a young man/woman who is worried about getting a job, please participate in the USG Job Festival next time to find ease in the process.

By Son Yu-jeong, cub-reporter  ujeong0202@naver.com

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