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Students United with Sweat and Passion at the Sports Festival
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▲ A view of the College of Engineering and Mechanics Sports Festival held on the 9th

The annual Sports Festival, one of the major events at CWNU, has once again returned this year. The Sports Festival was held on the school grounds by each college from the 7th to the 16th. In addition to traditional games such as soccer, basketball, dodgeball, and foot volleyball, a variety of programs were prepared for the students to enjoy, including dance battles and mission relays. To learn more about the overall preparation process and the atmosphere of the Sports Festival, The Campus Journal interviewed the Student President and the Sports Director of the College of Engineering and Mechatronics.

Q. Please introduce yourself.

Choi: I am Choi Shin- hyuk, the 37th President of the “Moment” Student Council of the College of Engineering and Mechatronics, majoring in Construction System Engineering.

Yeo: I am Yeo Kang- in, the Sports Director of the College of Engineering and Mechatronics, majoring in Chemical Engineering.

Q. Is there anything you paid special attention to in this year's Sports Festival compared to last year?

Choi: Considering that it rained during last year's Sports Festival, we carefully selected and prepared events that could be carried out even in bad weather. We also focused on diversifying the events.

Yeo: Last year, there were several issues related to referee decisions in basketball and soccer matches. We spent time thinking about how to ensure fair refereeing this time. For the basketball games, we requested help from the school club “Hurricane,” and for soccer, I used my own interest to study refereeing.

Q. What is the most memorable thing about the preparation process?

Choi: The preparation period overlapped with the exam season, but fortunately I didn't have exams myself, so I tried to take on and handle a lot of tasks. The other student council members helped me a lot, and I was touched by their thoughtful consideration, like bringing me coffee, especially during difficult times.

Yeo: For the kickball games, there were sometimes female students who were reluctant to participate, so I thought the matches would end quickly. However, after watching the actual games, I realized that many students are passionate about dodgeball, and the performance level of the games was much higher than expected, which made it very enjoyable.

Q. When was the most challenging moment of the Sports Festival?

Choi: Our student council members, who took on the role of referees, sometimes received complaints from students about their decisions. Criticism itself can be accepted, but it was disheartening to see the student council members hurt by the derogatory reactions.

Yeo: As the chief referee, I was always under pressure in the first game of each event. Although I was mentally prepared and had plans to manage the games, dealing with unexpected situations was challenging due to my inexperience.

Q. How do you feel now that the Sports Festival has concluded?

Yeo: I feel a bit of regret. No matter how thoroughly we prepared, there seemed to be some shortcomings because the student council members change every year. However, I can assure you that we did our absolute best to improve this year, based on our previous experience.

Choi: I'm relieved and happy that the Sports Festival ended without any injuries and that we were able to create favorable memories for the students.

Q. Lastly, if you have anything to say to the students, please share it.

Choi: As I began my term as a Student President, I approached it with the intention of creating as many meaningful activities as possible for the students. Thus, I have worked hard to achieve this goal. I would like to express my gratitude to all the students who have shared every moment with me.

Yeo: Although a major event of the College of Engineering and Mechatronics has ended, the "GongMeCup" soccer tournament will begin next week, and a basketball event called "GongMeNBA" is planned for the second semester. We are preparing these events to be just as enjoyable as the Sports Festival, so I ask for your active participation and support.

We hope that this year’s Sports Festival will remain a joyful memory for all the students who participated, and we look forward to your continued interest and expectations in the various activities organized by the Student Council in the future.

By Jung-hyun, editor-in-chief  jhgongju0903@gmail.com

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