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Library Complaints and Response: Listen to Library Workers
  • By Kim Min-seong, cub-reporter
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▲CWNU Library

CWNU Library is used not only by Changwon citizens, but also by students of CWNU. During the exam period, when the library sees a high volume of student usage, various complaints regarding library etiquette and manners are often posted on CWNU's online community: 'Everytime.' In light of this, interviews were conducted with a working scholar at the library to understand the library's management system, user complaints, and coping methods.
Q: Hello, please introduce yourself.
Kim: Hello,I'm Kim Hyung- seo, a junior studying Industrial Systems Engineering. I have been working at the CWNU library since the second semester of last year.
Q: What types of complaints do you receive most frequently from library users?
Kim: The most common complaint pertains to, 'heating and cooling.' Since the library's temperature control is centrally regulated, library workers are unable to adjust it. However, we often receive complaints such as, “Do you know the temperature today?” and “How can you do this to us?” Additionally, there are complaints related to the reopening for Changwon citizens after COVID- 19. Citizens are required to enter their phone numbers and obtain a QR code to access the library. Some of them find this process annoying and complain, saying, “I'm only going to use it for one day, can't you let me in without it?” Lastly, we frequently receive complaints regarding the, 'booking for reading rooms.'
Q: What is the most memorable complaint you've encountered?
Kim: During the COVID- 19 pandemic, the CWNU Library restricted access for outsiders. In response, one library user exclaimed, “I used to have unrestricted access, why can't I enter now?” There was even someone who insisted on complaining directly to the library director, waiting there for 30 minutes. In addition, this person expressed concerns about bringing an expensive electric kickboard inside the library due to the fear of losing it.
Q: How do you cope with these complaints?
Kim: Complaints regarding, 'heating and cooling,' and, 'access for outsiders,' are handled by the library supervisor in charge. Other types of complaints are addressed by discussing the issues with the appropriate staff members to prevent recurrence, following the guidelines outlined in the manual. We also inform users that the library's cooling and heating system operates according to the school's plan. For reading room issues, we conduct regular floor checks every two hours to monitor the temperature. As part of our approach, we regularly check the reservation status of users and assist those who haven't made reservations. Lost and found items are properly cataloged, and we return them upon verification. Finally, when dealing with problems related to QR codes for outsiders, we clarify that the purpose is not to collect personal information but to track the number of non- university- affiliated individuals using the library.
Q: What are the challenges in managing the library facilities?
Kim: Fortunately, we have talented staff to aid in any instance. Trash cans and toilets are managed by dedicated staff members. Our responsibilities mainly include replacing water purifier cups on each floor and overseeing the terrace adjacent to the library. During the exam period, there are instances when cups become insufficient. In such cases, if users approach us, we can promptly resolve the issue. Additionally, there are situations where the bathroom door fails to open. If we are unable to resolve it, we contact a technician for assistance.
Q: Lastly, if you have any messages for library users, please share them.
Kim: Personally, I believe CWNU Library is the finest library in Changwon. We encourage library users to visit frequently, even outside of exam periods, and we deeply appreciate their cooperation in responsibly and considerately using the facilities.
CWNU Library boasts a huge scale with 4,359.05㎡ in shared area, 15,603.03㎡ in total area, and a total of 579,669 books, excluding theses. Many people are doing their best to run these large libraries smoothly. In line with this, CWNU students should also use facilities responsibly, with a sense of ownership and pay attention to their use with consideration for others.

By Kim Min-seong, cub-reporter  kms9494274@gmail.com

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