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Glocal University Business: CWNU, Golden Time Not to Be Missed
  • By Jo Ah-bin, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2023.05.01 01:24
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▲ President Lee Ho-young and Director Yoo Hae-nam and other meeting participants hold a business meeting on major CWNU issues (Source: CWNU Waagle)

On the 3rd, Professor Song Sin- geun of CWNU's Department of Accounting held a meeting with Ha Jung- soo, an education officer in Gyeongsangnam- do, on cooperation plans on the RISE system and Glocal University. Professor Song Sin- geun said, "In cooperation with the education officer of Gyeongsangnam- do, we shared various opinions on the policy direction of Gyeongsangnam- do, the issues and preparations that CWNU faces in preparation for the RISE system, including the Glocal University Business."

The government- led Glocal University Business is a project to select 30 non- capital universities as, 'Glocal Universities,' by 2027 and then provide intensive support. The purpose of the Glocal University Business is to support local universities to grow into universities at a global level in order to lead the local community and economy. The government will select 10 universities in non- capital areas in May of this year, and select about five universities each year from 2024 to 2027. The Education Ministry will provide an average of about 20 billion won per university for a total of 100 billion won for five years, and not only financial support but also support in the fields needed by universities, will be fully provided.

The RISE business is closely related to the Glocal University project, and is a system in which local governments take the initiative to support universities through the expansion of the local government's authority to support universities and deregulation, thereby promoting the mutual growth of the university and the region surrounding it. The RISE business will be piloted from 2023 to 2024 and introduced in all regions in 2025. In addition, the RISE business aims to build a regional development ecosystem such as, 'cultivating regional human resources,' 'supporting employment and start- ups,' and, 'improving settlement conditions,' by focusing on regional innovation, industry- academia cooperation, vocational and lifelong education, by linking the local government and localized development.

CWNU is making great efforts to be selected for the RISE system and the Glocal University business. On March 21, CWNU President Lee Ho- young and Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute Director Kim Nam- kyun discussed the, 'RISE System,' and, 'Glocal University business,’ as a result, they agreed to strengthen and expand cooperation between the two institutions, while jointly promoting specific projects. On March 23, President Lee Ho- young held a meeting with Director Lee Jung- hwan and Vice President Lee Young- sun at the Korea Institute of Materials Science. Focusing on the Glocal University, they shared their opinions on fostering excellent personnel, activating support, and communication on future issues in CWNU and the region. On March 31, President Lee Ho- young, Director of KBS Changwon Broadcasting Branch Office Yoo Hae- nam, Changwon Cultural Foundation Sungsan Art Hall Director Jung In- chul, and KBS Kim Chang- soo, former Director of Formation and Production, held a meeting at CWNU's headquarters to discuss major issues and mutual growth within the local community. Participants at the meeting agreed that CWNU's leap forward would lead the development of Changwon- si, and actively cooperated with the media, so that the university can become a foundation for community development.

Meanwhile, on the 8th, Gyeongsang- do announced that it was finally selected as a model area for the establishment of the Ministry of Education's, 'RISE System.' As Gyeongsangnam- do was selected as a model area, the authority led by the central government was transferred to the local government. In conclusion, local governments can lay the foundation for a new university application system on their own. Gyeongnam, selected as a RISE model area, receives preferential treatment in university support business related to regional innovation and is subject to special regulations. The Gyeongsangnam- do Provincial Government plans to prepare a RISE agreement by June this year and sign an agreement with the Ministry of Education in July.

As the saying goes, "The most local is the most global." We hope that CWNU will be selected as a global university along with the RISE system and become a world- class university. Given that the next 10 years when the government will actively support it will be the golden time for local universities, efforts, and support from CWNU members are needed.

By Jo Ah-bin, cub-reporter  opal_40@naver.com

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