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2022 CWNU Daedong Festival, Held for the First Time in Three Years
  • By Jung In-hee, reporter
  • 승인 2022.11.07 03:10
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▲ The stage of 2022 Changwon National University Daedong Festival (Source: CWNU YouTube)

On October 12th and 13th, the 2022 Changwon National University Daedong Festival was successfully held. The festival was held at the Grand Schoolyard, with various booths and food trucks that were prepared around the central stage. Unlike last year's festival, which had to be held non-face-to-face virtually through a livestream due to COVID, the festival was held normally for the first time in three years. Under the theme of, ON: Love Youth, this year's Daedong Festival created an opportunity for youths to show off their affection for various fields such as school, hobby, and majors.

Hosted by the General Students' Association, on the 12th the Central Operating Booth prepared "Beer Pong," which is when you throw a ping-pong ball into a far-away cup, and a "Finger Game," in which you point your finger on a white board with a prize, after 10 spins with a party hat on your face. On the 13th, it operated a, "Water Bottle Standing," that included throwing a water bottle and ensuring it stands upright, and a "Black Box," that participants must guess correctly what is in the box by touching the object, where the inside is invisible to them. It also operates a Stamp Tour, Matching Booth, and a Treasure Hunt over the course of two days, so that students can enjoy it freely. Event booths included a booth where you can see tarot cards and fortune-telling, a food truck, and Onsengnecut, where you can take instant photos. Each department and club also operated booths selling foods such as Boiled Pork, Jeon, and Tofu Kimchi, as well as experiences, exhibitions, and sales booths were prepared like, Polaroid Photo Shoot, Exhibition of Work, and Disability Experience.

Starting with the opening ceremony on the 12th, individual performances such as songs and raps prepared by Changwon National University students, as well as club performances by Mimi and the Comuse band, E-masters' dance, and the Phoenix cheering squad, were held. Invited singers, Boramiyu and Bolbbalgan4, visited and performed on the stage. On the 13th, various individual performances from the Department of Dance and clubs showcased Cyprus's band, 4dabeatz's hip-hop, and Pyhita's dance troop. After the student performances, the festival ended with a fireworks display, and a concert by an invited singer from the Uneducated Kid, Homies, and Dynamic Duo. CWNU students ended the festival happily with enthusiastic applause in response to various stage events and entertainment. Even after the festival, food booths and restaurants near the school were full and crowded.

After the festival, we were able to hear the impressions of Changwon University students. Yang Ji-sung, a student in a class of 20 at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, said, "It was good to enjoy various booths and performances by invited singers. I was happy to enjoy the festival while chatting with my friends after a long time. In particular, I remember the fireworks held on the second day of the festival because they were so beautiful," she said. Kim Gun-woo, a student in a class of 22 in the Department of Physical Education, said, "The most memorable thing is that I was proud to succeed in the booth where I drank four types of randomly contained cola with my eyes covered," he said.

As such, Changwon National University students had good memories through the 2022 Changwon University Festival held for the first time in three years. At the university festival, which is only once a year, we hope that CWNU students will expand exchanges between their classmates, feel the university culture, and finish it happily. The festival actively opened the campus, turning the fall campus red with the enthusiasm of students and local residents. Daedong Festival is a university festival where all university members and local residents blend together. Starting with the 2022 Changwon National University Daedong Festival, we will host local representative cultural events that were limited in the aftermath of COVID, and look forward to Changwon University's growth with the local community.

By Jung In-hee, reporter  sugar3870@naver.com

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