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Meet a Student at Changwon University's Korean Language Institute
  • By Kim Min-Seong, cub-reporter
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▲ Changwon University's Korean Language Institute

According to the FSI, an organization of the United States, that provides foreign language education for civil servants and diplomats aimed at sending them abroad, Korean is ranked as one of the most difficult languages to learn among the world's languages. Despite these difficulties, there are foreign students of various nationalities studying at Changwon University's Korean Language Institute for their personal goals. Students at the Korean Language School study Korean for their studies and life in Korea. Some are trying to major in Korean undergraduate and graduate schools and others are trying to achieve high scores in TOPIK, a Korean language proficiency test. The Korean Language Institute of our school offers a variety of programs for foreigners and Gyopos (Korean nationals who have lived abroad) who want to be fluent in Korean for college or graduate students, business, and even people who want to look for employment in Korea. In recent years, the Korean Language Institute of CWNU has contributed to social integration, by making efforts to improve the Korean language ability of married immigrants and increase their understanding of Korean culture.

An interview with an Indian student was conducted to hear the detailed story of a student attending the Korean Language Institute at Changwon University.

Q: Please introduce yourself.

A: Hello, I'm Anshika Shukla from India, currently majoring in Clothing and Textile at Changwon University Graduate School.

Q: What made you go to Changwon University's language school?

A: I'm not a student dedicated to language, but I'm taking classes provided by language schools because I have to attend them, as per requirements for my major.

Q: How did you feel while studying at Changwon University?

A: All curricula are systematic and convenient. The most impressive thing is that settlement support, such as various scholarship programs and buddy programs, are provided for international students.

Q: What are the advantages about living in Korea?

A: Most of the environments are very satisfying, but I want to pick the kindness of Koreans. I usually spend a lot of time in the lab and my lab colleagues always try to give me a lot of attention and help. A Korean friend of the Buddy's Program was very grateful for helping me when I needed help.

Q: What was your most difficult experience living in Korea due to cultural differences?

A: There is little difference between Korea's climate and my home country, India, so when it comes to that, everything is fine. There was nothing that was too hard. However, the only thing that's hard to get accustomed to is the difference in food. Not for religious reasons, but I prefer vegetarianism. In fact, there are many vegetarians in India, so most of them are vegetarian. Yet, Korean food has a lot of meat, so I sometimes miss the accessibility of the vegetarian diet in my home country.

Q: How did you feel while learning Korean?

A: Actually, I was worried because I couldn't speak Korean before I came to Korea. However the program provided by the language school was interesting and informative, so I felt it was much easier than I had anticipated. Also, I found out that Korean is a very attractive language.

Q: What is your final goal after improving your Korean?

A: My ultimate goal after improving my Korean is to use my career in Korea to further my future career. There is a potential fashion market in India now. Korea is emerging as an emerging fashion hub, and my goal is to incorporate these points.

In line with the international spread of Korean and social integration, Changwon University's Korean Language Institute is making efforts for students and immigrants of various nationalities. Like Anshika, students who study hard with the goal of cultural integration and fostering an economic bridge between India and Korea in the future. CWNU supports the dreams and passion of students who are striving for their goals despite cultural differences and various difficulties.

By Kim Min-Seong, cub-reporter  kms9494274@gmail.com

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