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Club Promotion Booth Held for the New Semester
  • By Shin min-joo, cub-reporter
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▲ Announcement of Club Promotion Booth (Source : Club the club association Instagram)

At Changwon University, the club association held a Club Promotion Booth for the new semester. The event was held at the main gate of Changwon University for three days from the 13th to the 15th. A total of 16 clubs in the fields of service, religion, sports, and culture, operated booths to promote clubs and recruit new members. In addition to the booth, many students attended the event by holding an event to give away snacks or participate in the delivery of gift certificates to new club members. Many different clubs participated in this event. Not only sports and religious clubs such as Taekwondo and bowling, but also band clubs participated in street performing events during the event schedule. In order to convey the atmosphere of the Promotional Booth, a student who visited the booth at the band club street site was interviewed.

Q: Please introduce yourself.

Lee: Hi, I'm Lee Min Jeong, majoring in the Department of International Relations in Changwon University.

Q: Why did you visit the Club Promotion Booth?

Lee: I didn't do many school activities because I began studies at the university after the COVID-19 situation began. Therefore, I wanted to experience various activities in university before graduation. At that time, I had a friend who was looking for a club to join, so I visited the Promotion Booth with my friend to receive information about the club. The booth was located at the main gate, so it was convenient to visit when I went out of university to eat something or go back home.

Q: What was at helpful or impressive booth or activity?

Lee: The band club, ‘4DaBeatz,’ was the most impressive. I watched the street performing events of the ‘4DaBeatz’ club, and the members performed my favorite songs. They dressed according to the atmosphere and showcased a great performance. Therefore, I also wanted to join a club and perform together.

Q: What was helpful or beneficial about visiting the booth?

Lee: I was usually very interested in the band club. Moreover, it was good to understand the atmosphere of the club in advance, before joining the club at the booth, and to receive information on what kind of activities they will be doing. Unfortunately, however, I couldn't join because there were many clubs in the field I wanted to apply for. Also, it was great to be able to ask questions related to the club and get answers from the booth.

Q: Last, is there anything you want to add?

Lee: I'm looking forward to seeing a great performance at the university festival, including '4DaBeatz', whom I watched street performing. Thanks to the Club Promotion Booth, I got to know many clubs, and I think I will cheer harder when I see them at the festival. Lastly, thank you and please support all the club members who came to promote their events.

Due to the Promotion Booth Event, the main gate was crowded with many students. The event is expected to have helped students by providing information on the club's atmosphere and activity plans in advance, before joining the club. Through this event, we hope that club activities, which had been dampened by COVID-19, will be revitalized and student autonomy activities, which have been stagnant due to continued non-face-to-face situations, will be promoted.

By Shin min-joo, cub-reporter  pinky3167@naver.com

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