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2022 Job Honey DAY
  • By Jung In-hee, reporter
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▲ 2022 Job Honey DAY Poster (Source: CWNU Dream Catch)

From September to December, 2022 Job Honey DAY, is to be operated at Changwon National University's General Human Resource Development Center. Job Honey DAY is a program that receives Corporate Day, Mentor Day, and Skill Day every Thursday, to analyze recruitment trends and provide tips for improving job search skills. You can hear vivid corporate stories of incumbent people on Corporate Day. On Mentor Day, you can hear about the professional lives of graduates of CWNU. You can learn about job improvement skills delivered by job instructors on Skill Day.

In September, the Korea SMEs and Startups Agency was invited to be guest instructors for the Corporate Day on the 6th. The Mentor Day on the 15th, invited instructors from Dongwon F&B and LG Electronics. The Korea SMEs and Startups Agency is a company that contributes to the balanced development of the national economy, by strengthening the competitiveness of small and medium-sized venture companies, expanding the management base. This company functions by dispensing a policy loan for small and medium-sized enterprises, provides globalization and marketing support, aids in resolving manpower shortages for small and medium-sized enterprises, and assists in fostering young CEOs. Dongwon F&B is a comprehensive health food company that contributes to the national health, and includes 19 brands such as Dongwon, Yangban, Richam, and Denmark. LG Electronics is a leading company in 140 countries with innovative technologies in electronics and home appliances.

In October, lectures by Hyundai Wia at Corporate Day on the 6th. DB Financial Investment and Hanwha Aerospace on Mentor Day will be held on the 13th. Since its foundation in 1976, Hyundai Wia has developed and produced high-tech products in automobile parts, machine tools, and defense industries, and has established itself as a leader in the comprehensive machinery industry. DB Financial Investment is a financial subsidiary of DB Group, which operates in the security industry, since its establishment in 1982, and is a security company that handles stocks, funds, and check cards. Hanwha Aerospace was established in 1977, based on the aviation engine and film camera business.

On November 3rd, the Korea Institute of Materials Science will invite instructors to Corporate Day. Lectures by the Korea Fanuc Corporation and Kyowon will take place on Mentor Day, on November 10. The Korea Institute of Materials Science is a comprehensive research institute specializing in materials that conducts research and development in the material fields, performance spread, test evaluation, and technical support. The Korea Fanuc Corporation is a Korean branch of Japan-based FANUC, a well-known company for CNC, industrial Servo/Spindle Motor, and industrial robots. Kyowon started the educational business with the belief that Korean children should be able to easily receive high-quality education benefits, and are currently carrying out programs on hotel leisure projects and living culture, as well as educational.

On December 1, lectures by instructors from Doosan Enerbility at Corporate Day, Hanwha Defense and Samsung Electronics on Mentor DAY are prepared. Doosan Enerbility is Korea's leading plant company and contributes to national economic development, through localization and overseas export of various industrial plants such as power generation, freshwater, and construction. Hanwha Defense is a comprehensive defense company with the best competitiveness in the fields of thermal power, maneuvering, anti-aircraft, and unmanned systems. Samsung Electronics is a representative company in Korea and is actively developing information and communication technology. Skill Day is provided a self-introduction clinic and mock interview job search technology for four months, however, monthly duplicate applications are not possible.

Each program runs from 18:30 to 20:30 on a designated date. Not only enrolled students attending Changwon University, but also students on a leave of absence and graduates can participate. Those who have not applied in advance, can still participate in the 2022 Job Honey DAY. However, 2 SMART mileage points will be paid only to students on the register among pre-applicants, therefore, interested students should access Dream Catch and apply in advance to secure a seat.

By Jung In-hee, reporter  sugar3870@naver.com

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