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CWNU Dept. of Clothing Show Fashion Festival ‘SOD: Scenes of Desire’
  • By Kim Su-gyung, cub-reporter
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▲ Costumes of ‘SOD: Scenes of Desire’ (Source: CWNU Dept. Clothing official Instagram)

2022 CWNU Fashion Festival "SOD: Scenes of Desire" was released through YouTube videos. "SOD" is divided into a total of five subtitles: "With Blood," "Confirmation Bias," "PoongEok," "Nature und Macht," and "Before Dawn," showing costume works with different themes. We listened to the vivid scene of the fashion festival "SOD" in detail through team members, who participated in the project.

Q. Please introduce yourself.

Kim: Hello. I'm Kim Woo-Gyeon, a third grader in the Department of Clothing. I participated in ‘SOD’ as a member of the 'PoongEok' team.

Q. What is ‘SOD’?

Kim: 'SOD' is a project promoted through a class called 'Fashion Design Planning' by Professor Kim Se-jin. In this class, friends with similar moods and styles gathered to form a team, with each team choosing a topic and making a costume. During the project, we tried to express what we each aspired to achieve in our costumes. We chose "Scenes of Desire" as the title of this fashion festival, in the sense that the scenes of desire we wanted to emanate from our costumes, were gathered simultaneously.

Q. What is the relationship between the costume details and the topic?

Kim: Our "PoongEok" team used desaturated colour and smoked expression to express the exhaustion of the war. In order to express the wish for peace, a pattern was created by adding a 'peace symbol'. In particular, I used "chiffon material" to express "hope that war will not happen anymore" in my costume.

Q. How was the process of filming conducted?

Kim: During the production process of 'SOD', the units of design, video, makeup, schedule management, the models, and our project team, all attended on the set. Before filming the video, team members discussed with the professor, recruited and assigned models, to suit the mood of each team. At the filming site, when the hair and makeup was completed, our project team fitted costumes to the model. Then, they took individual shots, team group shots, and team group videos.

Q. Why did ‘SOD’ film at CWNU?

Kim: In fact, we could have rented space, but during the process we couldn't because of budget problems. We were looking for a filming location that fits the concept, and we found a suitable space inside CWNU. Although there were regrets, such as space rental and costume quality due to budget issues, we are proud to have found a filming location that fits the concept of our show, and released a great video as a result.

Q. Were there any special episodes during the production process?

Kim: Our team burned our clothes to express the exhaustion of the war. During the process, I burned my hands and inhaled a lot of smoke. As I worked hard, I poured a lot of affection into my clothes. When we make them, we often make mistakes. I remember working all night with tears in my eyes, together with 'SOD' project members, when we made a mistake.

Q. How did you feel after the completion of the ‘SOD’ project?

Kim: I was able to experience the whole fashion design process while working on the project. I went to Seoul for an internship after the project, and my experience working on the project helped me a lot, bringing future successes. If there are CWNU students who want to pursue a career in Fashion Design, I would highly recommend the 'Fashion Design Planning' lecture.

The scenes of desire that Fashion Design students put into their work while preparing for the Fashion Festival "SOD" will be forever remembered as a fashion film. The video of CWNU Fashion Festival "SOD: Scenes of Desire" can be watched on CWNU Department of Clothing and Textiles official YouTube channel. We support the fashion film movement that the Dept. of Clothing will showcase and hope for the attention of CWNU students.

By Kim Su-gyung, cub-reporter  tnrud2824@naver.com

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