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CWNU Museum Untold Story, Inscribed Memory
  • By Kim Na-young, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2022.09.05 08:28
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▲ Entrance to Untold Story, Inscribed Memory

The special exhibition, ‘Untold Story, Inscribed Memory,’ was held on August 11th at CWNU Museum. This special exhibition is an exhibit that contains the trajectory of life, as seen from the tombstone of the first generation of Hawaiian immigrants. In addition, in connection with the fund-raising of compatriots in Hawaii for the patriot Jung-geun Ahn, Jung-geun Ahn’s autographs, which is in the collection of the Naval Academy Museum, was also exhibited. Therefore, we listened to the story of Joo-Yong Kim, Curator at CWNU Museum, who planned the Hawaii field investigation and exhibition.

Q: Please introduce yourself.

Kim: I’m Joo-yong Kim, a Curator at CWNU Museum, who planned the Hawaii field investigation and exhibit for this exhibition.

Q: Please introduce the preparation process for the exhibition.

Kim: Through a field investigation in Hawaii, we looked at the main characters of the tombstones. It turned out that these were unknown independence activists. Currently, their graves are neglected, destroyed, and worn out. Therefore, the exhibition was held to preserve, remember, and honor the tombstones.

Q: What was your motivation to investigate the first generation of Hawaiian immigrants?

Kim: The first time I went to Hawaii in 2019, was after Professor Seri of the University of Hawaii visited the CWNU Museum, to find out how to read the tombs of Koreans, because the tombs were destroyed and unreadable. Then, I told them that I could make a rubbing of the tombstone, after that, an invitation came from Hawaii. Therefore, I went to Hawaii with a rubbing tool and with Professor Kyung-hee Moon, Department of International Relations, CWNU.

Q: Please explain any viewing points for the exhibition.

Kim: Although the first generation of Hawaiian immigrants earned about $17 a month, they have a record of donating up to $15, to help Jung-geun Ahn. The climax of this exhibition is that those who donated to Jung-geun Ahn, had met him at the exhibition hall.

Q: Please let me know if you have any knowledge that would be beneficial to know in advance before viewing.

Kim: To preserve and remember the Hangeul written on their tombstones, the students of the Department of Information & Communication Engineering, developed the ‘Hawaiian Korean Tombstone Font’ typeface, by collecting the Hangeul written on the tombstones. All the pamphlets and explanations for this exhibition were written in ‘Hawaiian Korean tombstones,’ so it would be good to compare and view them.

Q: Can you say a word about the future movement of CWNU Museum?

Kim: Through further investigation, we will record and remember more tombstones.

Through this special exhibition, not only the independence activists we knew, but also activists who became hidden orchestrators, drew attention. We hope that more independence activists will be revealed through the Changwon University Museum in the future and be praised by citizens.

By Kim Na-young, cub-reporter  skdud2986@naver.com

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